Plushies Anyone?

Does anyone want a custom plushie of their characters? I'm willing to make some for you guys if you're able to pay for materials and shipping. Before I take any orders, I want to experiment with patterns first on some felt and then you guys can let me know what you think. Ziggy would be a lot better had I found the patterns before I started. XD Oh well. I'm pretty confident I can do it.

So yeah, just a head's up.


Hey everybody! Mod's orders: check out the program Skype: www.skype.com

Skype is a Voice Over Intenet Protocol. With Skype, we can finally have the elusive WAF conference call--and it's free.

If you have a microphone, download Skype and add me (my Skype name is rally_vincent, isn't that creative?). I won't force anybody to go out and buy a microphone, but Skype is free so if you have one already, or if you want to go out and buy one (mine only cost me like $15, and it works great), what are you waiting for? Download Skype, lol.

So check it out, see what you think, comment here, etc. I love all you guys.

WAF Phone Tag!!

Tonight, 06-06-06, we will be playing WAF phone tag! Playing phone tag is ridiculously simple. Here's how it goes:

Someone is IT.
IT calls someone.
IT says, "You're it, lol."
Now the other person is it.

And for WAF phone tag, you have to say lol. It's my rule. lol.

The other rule is that you have to hang up on people.

So if you want to be in on it, make sure you have a charged phone and you show up tomorrow night in "coordination"! It's going to be a freaking party.

Scene Babbling

Sceneage I would like to do sometime this week whenever anyone is availble:

Characters:Roslin, Natasha and Boris
What: The whole Scientia arc needs to be wrapped up and a decision has to be made about Roslin.

Characters: Juli/Ziggy or Juli, Ziggy and MOMO
What: Preperations for the operation, discussion, more angsting, etc.

Characters: Allen, Rote
What: This would be the fight that prompts Allen to leave Vector and go after U-TIC.


Sceneage that I would like to do in the near future:

Characters: Ziggy, Juli, MOMO, Azuka, Allen, and Kisargi
What: Ziggy's operation. I'm pretty sure Allen would be there to help in any way he can. (Perhaps with removing programming?)

Characters: Allen, Elsa Crew, everyone else investigating U-Tic
What: Allen needs to meet up with everyone, and take note of his interesting change. XD

Let me know when anyone is availble and would like to work on these!