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Current Music:3 Days Grace - Gone Forever
Subject:I swear this is the last one!!!!
Time:10:30 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy

Moe: Oooh cool! -claps-
Ziggy: What other actions are needed?
Moe: Dunno, never played before.
MOMO: Um... Don't we need dice, or something?
Gaignun: Hmm... *looks in box, finds dice* Here we are.
Ziggy: *takes the houses out of the bag and puts them in a pile*
Gaignun: *looks at watch and thinks (Shoot!)* Well if you excuse me I have something I must attend too...*runs out of room (Must.Watch.Law.And.Order!)*
Ziggy: Wait...! I have to take care of both of them by myself!
Junior: Oh... dear... SWEET MERCIFUL chaos!
Gaignun: Yes...It's um an order...Bye! *gone*
Moe: *jumps up and down in seat*
MOMO: *blinks* Gaignun left... *looks at Ziggy* Are we still going to play? Or... what?
Ziggy: I haven't played in a long time, so we probably should. I'll show you how it's done.
MOMO: *claps* Okay!
Ziggy: Calm down, Moe. If you jump around too much, you'll get yourself hurt.
Moe: Yes Sir! -laughs-
Ziggy: Here's the money. I'm going to give a certian amount to you, but as we play you can earn more money by fufilling certian tasks. *passes out monopoly money*
Moe: Oooh Money! Moe will buy Lollipops with this!
MOMO: *giggles* I don't think you'll want to waste the money on lollipops, Moe.
Ziggy: No, you can't have anymore Loli *clears throat* pops. It's too late. Only adults can have them.
Moe: Oh but Gaignun has real one!
Junior: *Could've sworn he heard something about Loli and Adults in the same sentance* T___T
Moe: I'll just buy them from him!
Ziggy: You can't buy lolipops with this money, but you can buy property.
Moe: ....Okay! ^^
Junior: ...Property? *curls into a ball and rocks back and forth*
MOMO: You really like Gaignun's lollipops, huh? Hmm... I think Ziggy's right, though. This doesn't look like the kind of money you'd use to by lollipops with...
Ziggy: You can buy houses and... wait, why is there a hose hanging from the ceiling?

Moe: ^^ Yes I do! And he is nice he is like another version of daddy! *laughs* Okay....Huh?
MOMO: Huh? Oh, my.... that does look strange...
Moe: *blinks*
Ziggy: There's a hose in here. Mister Kukai sure has strange tastes.
Junior: Make it stop... Make it stop.... >>;;;;
Moe: maybe it was little master?
Ziggy: I don't think Junior likes hose.
MOMO: Junior doesn't seem to like this game, so I don't think it was him..
Ziggy: *clears throat* I mean I don't think Junior would hang a hose from the ceiling.
Moe: ...Very strange! It looks funny though!
Junior: O_o;;;;
Ziggy: It seems to be the garden variety of hose. The green kind. The last time I used one, it leaked.
Moe: ....Really now? But...it's inside that's weird...
Ziggy: I wonder if it serves some other kind of purpose?
Junior: *scratches at walls* x_x
Moe: Should we take it?
MOMO: Hmm...
Ziggy: I don't know how Mister Kukai would react if we took his hose.
Moe: ....I don't think he'll get mad.
MOMO: Well we know he won't get mad at YOU Moe... Me and Ziggy, though... he might want to punish us if we touch his hose.
Moe: I can't reach it so if he asks we can tell him I did it?
Ziggy: Right. I wouldn't want to be punished for touching his hose.... *looks back and forth* Fine, but only touch it once. I'll hold you so you can touch the hose.
Moe: YAY!!!!!!!
Junior: .... T_________T
MOMO: *claps* The hose shouldn't be hanging there anyway! Someone's definitely going to want to touch it!
Moe: Yes! It's just...there not doing anything!!!!
Ziggy: Fine, if you want to touch the hose, MOMO, I'll let you. We'll take turns touching it.
MOMO: Yay!
Ziggy: All right, Moe, hold still so I can pick you up. *goes to pick up Moe*
Moe: Wheeeeee~! -looks at hose and pokes at it-
Ziggy: Not so loud! And be gentle with the hose. If Mister Kukai finds out, we'll be in a lot of trouble.
Moe: .....Eep -coves mouth- Sorry I'll be quiet!
Ziggy: Okay, it's MOMO's turn. *puts down Moe* Ready, MOMO?
MOMO: Uh-huh!

Junior: MOMO... don't... don't let him corrupt you! I promised Sakura I'd protect you. But... I can't do anything. I don't want to look....
Ziggy: *picks up MOMO* Make sure you do this quickly. Law and Order will be over soon.
MOMO: It's just Gaignun's hose, Junior... *pokes the hose and squeals* It feels funny!
Ziggy: Now I'm curious. *puts down MOMO and takes off glove, then reaches for the hose* It's... slippery.
Moe: Maybe it's leaking?
Junior: Noooooo!!!
MOMO: That's why Gaignun shouldn't have it inside in the first place...
Moe: We should take it down for him! I bet he forgot about it!
Ziggy: a Hose like this should be outside. However, we're in space. So perhaps that's why it's inside? Unless it's a space hose?
Moe: Maybe it goes to something on the foundation?
MOMO: Well, I'm sure many people use a hose on the Foundation... Maybe he brought it inside, then forgot about it, like Moe said
Ziggy: Let's take it down then. Someone might get hurt. *tugs on the hose*
Moe: Agreed!
MOMO: *jumps up, trying to reach the hose* I can't... reach it, though!
Ziggy: It's being stubborn. *tugs on it and grunts*
Junior: ...I didn't just hear that, did I?
Moe: I'm too short, it's up too high!
MOMO: *keeps jumping, but looses her footing and falls* Owww!
Moe: *looks at MOMO* You okay?
Ziggy: Careful MOMO, if you do it too hard you'll hurt yourself. Then I wouldn't know what to do.
MOMO: *climbs up again* Yes, I'm okay... Sorry, Ziggy, I was just trying to help.
Moe: *watches* Gaignun sure is weird huh!
Ziggy: It's all right, I think I've got it now. *tugs really really hard, and pulls the hose down, along with a huge chunk of the ceiling*
Moe: ....UH OH!

Ziggy: Help! I'm tangled up in hose!
MOMO: Eeeep! Ziggy! You shouldn't have done that!
Junior: *jaw drops for the 50th time*
Moe: We can worry about the ceiling late...*goes towards Ziggy and tugs on the hose to try to get him un tangled* MOMO help me.
MOMO: Okay, okay... *tries to untangle Ziggy from the hose* Um... now I think it's stuck on you... *pulls and tried to figure out what to do*
Ziggy: Oww... this hose has me in a choke hold!
MOMO: But you said it was just a garden variety one! It's not supposed to be able to choke you!
Ziggy: I must've been incorrect in my assumptions. *struggles with hose, while pieces of ceiling continue to fall on and off him*
Moe: ....Incorrect!?!?! x.X; How could you be incorrect? You said you knew!
Ziggy: I can't let Mr. Kukai see me with his hose! He'll be back soon!
MOMO: Who's idea was it to pull on that thing anyway? Moe! You pull on that end, and I'll pull on this one. Maybe then we can get Ziggy free.
Moe: -pulls really hard on it but then looks up and sees the ceiling- ...The sky...or ceiling is falling?
Ziggy: *chunk falls on head* x_x *falls over*
Moe: -pokes ziggy- You okay?
MOMO: Ziggy!!
Junior: I can't... take this anymore. I need to stand up... I need to be assertive, I need to stand my ground. *gets up and slowly makes it to the door*
Moe: Are you hurt?
Ziggy: .... *birdies fly around head*
MOMO: *tries to cover her head as pieces of ceiling continue to fall* Oww! That hurt!
Moe: Eep! Gaignun is going to kill us! -goes under table-

Gaignun: *hears the DONG DONG and smiles pleasantly*
MOMO: *whimpers* I'm never playing this game again!
Ziggy: ... *mumbles* if only I could have the real thing...
Moe: I agree! I don't like it one bit! I thought this was a kids game too!
Gaignun: Well, that was an interesting twist. I can't believe the outcome of that case. It was completely unexpected. *stands up* Ah, I should see how the others are faring in their game of monopoly.
MOMO: Eeep! Gaignun will be here any minute! *looks around, then crawls under the bed* He'd going to kill us for touching his hose...
Moe: *cries* This isn't good! *goes under the desk* He won't care who he likes or doesn't like! He will kill us all like MOMO said!
Gaignun: *steps into the room and gasps* My office! My hose! Why is Mr. Ziggurat passed out with my hose?!
Moe: *covers mouth and keeps hding*
MOMO: ... *stays perfectly quiet and still under the bed*
Junior: ... 3... 2.... 1.... *opens door* GET YOUR HANDS OFF MOMO YOU CREEP... HEY! *blinks*
Ziggy: *wakes up and notices Gaignun standing there.* It's not what it seems... :<
Junior: *notices monopoly on the table and the hose* ...You can say that again. x_x *faints*
Moe: -thinks: please dont kill us please don't kill us-
MOMO: *still under the bed* U-um... the ceiling fell on top of us...
Gaignun: Who touched my hose?!
Moe: ....I DIDN'T IT WASN'T ME~!
Gaignun: *eyes Moe*
Moe: I swear!

MOMO: *peeks out from underneath the bed* It was... it was... someone, but not any of us!
Moe: ...this strange guy did it!
Alby: ARF ARF!
MOMO: *laughs nervously and gives Gaignun a cute smile* We'd never do anything like touch your hose, Gaignun..
Moe: *pokes head out* Yes! Listen to MOMO please?
Alby: *Pees on Gaignun's shoes*
Moe: OMG BAD DOG! *chases dog out stops* Does Moe have to leave again? *clings to leg*
MOMO: Yes, sir! *crawls out from underneath the bed* Oh, um... *looks at Junior* What about Junior? I think he... passed out.
Gaignun: I don't care, drag him out of here. As for you, Mr. Ziggurat, it's watering the plants again for you.
Ziggy: :(
MOMO: *pokes Junior* I can't drag him out of here...
Ziggy: *uses blade to slice his way out of the hose* ... I'll do it. *picks up Junior*
Moe: ....You could have done that before....
MOMO: *blinks* ...Moe is right.
Ziggy: I didn't want to hurt the hose.
MOMO: *nods* Oh, okay
Ziggy: But now, I'm already punished. So it doesn't matter.
Moe: ;_; Gaignun you shouldn't make him water plants...it's...weird for a guy to do that...
Ziggy: *eyes Moe* .... ?
Moe: I mean...plants are a girls thing...
Gaignun: I think it's time I give you another lollipop.

Gaignun: *hands Moe a gender confusing lolipop*
Ziggy: *walks out of the room carrying Junior*
MOMO: Um... bye, Gaignun! *smiles then follows after Ziggy*
Gaignun: Go eat your lollipop. I'm going to take a shower.
Moe: *follows momo* Okay! *licks lollipop, while singing*
Gaignun: *goes into shower, and then turns on the water. But then notices the "lollypop" lying on the floor. DX

*music plays* dun...dun...DUN~!

....Is this really the end? Or is this just the start? Or...have we all gone insane...MAYBE we have fall into...THE TWILIGHT ZONE....DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN~! Will we ever find out the truth?
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We All Float OOC Community
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