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Current Music:3 Days Grace - Time of Dying
Subject:Stupid LJ and it's 'you have to much text' rule...
Time:10:25 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy

Junior: Don't worry, MOMO, me and the old man together should be enough to keep the pedo fanboys and Gaignan away form you
Moe: I wanna meet him! But wait...he is dead...poo...
Gaignun: ...
Ziggy: (I want to be a Dad again. T_T) ... :|
MOMO: Gaignun really is scary...
Junior: He is...
Junior: Pedo
Moe: ....Gaignun isn't scary! He is like a um....uh...nice guy! He gives lollipops out too!
Gaignun: ...
Junior: Those aren't lollipops!
Moe: Can I have another one?
MOMO: He was funny when he was sleeping, but now... um...
Those are ******!!!!
Moe: Then what are they? ....?
Gaignun: ... *really wants some Beyer*
Junior: You're too young to know, Moe. No one touch the "lollis"
Moe: Okay. Can I have a lollipop now?
Junior: They're ****** laced with rape drugs. He's a pedo
Moe: I want a lollipop!
Ziggy: MOMO, don't look!
Moe: Gimme lollipop or I'll sing!
Gaignun: *wants to sink into the floor*
Moe: *starts singing lollipop*
Junior: No lollipops! You'll thank me some other time
Moe: *cries and makes gaignun's one leg wet from drool*
Ziggy: This kid doesn't need anymore sugar.
Gaignun: ...
MOMO: *blinks* Moe is kind of scary too... I think he's been around Gaignun too long...
Junior: ......agreed
Moe: Yep! ^^
Junior: ...Gaignan's wet.
Gaignun: ...Now I know how Albedo feels. T-T
Moe: *points at drool* Lookie! Drool!
Albedo: *sneezes*
Moe: Who is Albedo?
MOMO: You don't want to know...
Junior: Trust me, you never want to meet him
Moe: And why do you feel like him?
Gaignun: ...
Moe:. ...if he is like Gaignun and his dad? I WANNA MEET HIM! Does he give out piggy back rides too?
Junior: ........................ yes .....
Moe: -bounces around and stops and hugs Gaignun's leg* Do I have to go?
Junior: *shakes head in disgust*
Gaignun: YES.
Junior: YES! Don't leave Gaignan alone with him
Moe: ;_; *cries and crawls out*
Ziggy: Can I use your shower? I have durandal dirt on myself. :|
Gaignun: NO.
Junior: Awww... I was gonna use it
Moe: -keeps crying- Gaignun is all...mean...and...yelly...and...mean! -cries while still crawling out-
Junior: *under his breath* My pleasure, Pedo.
Ziggy: ... shower. :<
MOMO: Well you don't have to be scary AND mean, Gaignun!
Gaignun: *is seething*
Moe: *keeps crying*
MOMO: Eeep!! *runs out*

Junior: *turns to leave* (You're a sick man, Gaignan. Never hanging out with you again) *leaves office* Come on, old man.
Moe: *still crawling out*
Ziggy: *looks at Moe* ... *looks at MOMO and sees resemblance* It's okay... *pats Moe on the shoulder*
Moe: ;_; Do you have lollipops?
Ziggy: No... but.... (what am I getting myself into?)
Junior: You know, for someone who was molested as a child, I wouldn't think he'd stoop to such levels
Moe: Then it's not okay!
Ziggy: *feels bad*
Moe: -cries- Gaignun! Moe wants a lollipop! Please let moe in! XD
Junior: *still hates Moe, but...* How about we go out and get some ice cream? All of us, my treat
Ziggy: ... :| (I want ice cream...)
Moe: -jumps up and down, clapping hands- ICE CREAM ICE CREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!
MOMO: Oh, that sounds like fun!
Ziggy: No! I'll buy ice cream for MOMO.
Junior: I'll give you some ice cream simulation oil, Ziggy
Ziggy: ....? (But... it's not the same T_T)
Junior: *shrugs* Suit yourself, old man.
Ziggy: I didn't say no.
Junior: XD
Moe: -claps- Gaignun~! Can we bring you something back?
Junior: NO
Moe: ....B-But...fine he can have some of mine!
Junior: You can't see Gaignan anymore
MOMO: Moe, I think you should leave Gaignun alone for a while..
Moe: -cries- The only one who can tell me that is Gaignun himself! So :P
Junior: Sorry, kid. But you and your unraped loins will be thankful some day if you listen to me...Just don't see him anymore
Moe: .......? B-But....
Junior: Oy
Moe: -screams in Jr. ear-
Junior: *ear is shot* SHIT
Moe: ^^ All better! Let's get ice cream now!
MOMO: ...my brother is weird.
Junior: *head is ringing*
Ziggy: *is still confused*
Moe: ^^ -skips down hallway singing lollipop-
Gaignun: *in his office, sleeping out the stress*
Moe: -screams the lyrics to lollipop really loud-
Junior: I really hate Moe... I don't think there's anyone more annoying...
Ziggy: ... Who programmed this child?
Moe: :P Daddy!
Junior: Joachim on too much coffee
Moe: ^^
Junior: Er... sorry, MOMO
Ziggy: Are you sure s/he hasn't been tampered with?
Moe: I have been like this for a long time!
MOMO: It's okay, Junior... I think I have to agree about that...
Moe: I'm a um...he...yeah! I was a she but now I'm a he I think! ...-confuses self-
Junior: "You think?"
Moe: Yeah!
Ziggy: A... gender confused 100 series? I've been around for 130 years... but this scares me.
Junior: Let's just go get some ice cream
Moe: -skips around everyone still singing lollipop-

Junior: Who wants what flavor?
Junior: ...
Ziggy: ...cheesecake.
Junior: There's no such thing as "lollipop flavor"
Moe: ;_; B-but!
MOMO: Um... bubblegum flavor!
Moe: ...Moe wants...Cherry flavor! That how the lollipops taste like!
Junior: Okay, so that's Bubblegum and Cheesecake...and cherry
Richard: *comes into ice cream parlor in his mini skirt*
Ziggy: (*inwardly* ^_^)
Junior: *doesn't notice yet*
Moe: *skips around still singing lollipop*
Richard: *waiting in line behind group of familiar looking people*
Junior: *rings the "Get your ass over here, employee" bell*
Ziggy: (I haven't had cheesecake for so long... mmm cheesecake.)
Moe: Moe gets lollipop flavor ice cream!
IceCreamGuy: Whacha want?
Moe: -blinks and runs around then runs into people-
Junior: One Cherry icecream, One Bubblegum, One Cheesecake simulation oil, and one vanilla&chocolate combo cone
Richard: Hey, what the hell, kid!? *looks pissed*
Junior: *pays*
Moe: Ow....Moe misses the durandal! *blinks and looks up at Richard* HIYA!!!!
Richard: Stupid kid.
Junior: *hands the ice cream to everyone* Here's your cherry, Moe.
Moe: ...Moe isn't stupid...ICE CREAM -takes and eats- Yum ^^
Junior: and your bubblegum, MOMO, and your cheesecake
Ziggy: (cheesecake!icecream :9) *holds it and stares at it*
Rare Alkaloid (2:54:06 AM): Richard: *orders fire ice cream*
RavensFirefly217 (2:54:13 AM): MOMO: Thank you, Junior! ^^
Moe: *stalks richard* Nice skirt!
Junior: *smacks Moe* You don't say that to ladies
Ziggy: Thanks. *licks chesecake!simulation!oil.* :9
Richard: *waiting for his order* *sniffs* Whutever.
Moe: Ow! But I'm...I...Ow! -cries, eats ice cream too fact- BRAIN FREEZE!!!!
Junior: Oy... look you have your ice cream *thinks the "lady" sounds very familiar*
Ziggy: *is in cheesecake oil bliss* :|
Richard: *gets his ice cream* Mmm...burnination.
Moe: What's that? -points ot ice cream-
Junior: "Burnination?"
Richard: Fire ice cream...stupid kid.

Ziggy: *blinks* I've heard that voice and the word burn together at one point in time...
Moe: Oooh! I have cherry! It's like fire but not hot but it looks like it!
Junior: ...Do we know you?
MOMO: *blinks* Fire ice cream..? That sounds... odd
Junior: *realizes his ice cream is melting* SHIT
Ziggy: *finds a chunk of cheesecake oil and joygasims* :|
Richard: *shrugs and butt wiggles out of the ice cream parlor*
Junior: .................................
Moe: -licks ice cream- Icepop! I wanna do that! -copies-
Junior: Don't ahhh
MOMO: ...
Ziggy: :|
Junior: You're a strange kid...
Moe: ^^ -eats ice cream- I'm saving the cone for Gaignun...
Ziggy: I don't think he would like that very much.
Junior: *sighs and decides he doesn't want to explain pedophilia to Moe8
Moe: B-But....he should...it's a gift!
Gaignun: *is muttering about the truth of the universe in his sleep* 42...42...42...
Moe: ....Butt wiggle! -does it- I should thank that lady for teaching me this!
Ziggy: *decides not to think about this anymore* How's your ice cream, MOMO?
Moe: ....My ice cream is gone...-trys to not eat cone-
MOMO: Brother's are weird... *shakes her head, then turns to Ziggy and smiles* My ice cream is great, Ziggy! How is your, um... the stuff you have?
Moe: -tries to get a refill-
Ice Cream Guy: No free refills, short stuff.
Ziggy: (bubble gum... momo... so cute. *_*) It's good. It almost tastes like real cheese cake.
Moe: ;_; The guy with the blonde hair will pay for it though!
Ziggy: O_O
Ice Cream Guy: Oh, okay then. *refills Moe's cone*
Moe: *sniffs* pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can Moe have refill! YAY! *licks, goes up to Ziggy* You gotta pay that guy for my ice cream....
Ziggy: ...I have no money.
Moe: .....*licks* I'm not giving it back.
Ziggy: That's obvious.
Jr.: Nah, I said I'd get it. *checks pockets* ...Shit.
Moe: ...You'll have to wash dishes!
Ziggy: ... :|
Jr.: ...Crap.
MOMO: Uh-oh... Um... this isn't good
Ziggy: Don't you mean that other blonde guy or, uh, lady?
Moe: Lalalalala -eats- Moe get's money from Gaignun ...but Moe takes the money to buy Lollipops!
Jr.: My wallet's in Gaignun's office. -_-
Jr.: Someone's gonna have to go get it.
Moe: Can I go get it? Can I ? Can I?

Ziggy: Did someone lace your lollipops with speed? :<
Jr.: NO.
Moe: ;_; WHY NOT!
Ziggy: *sighs* I'll go get it.
MOMO: Then, who will go back?
Moe: Take me with metal man!
Jr.: NO.
Ziggy: NO! GOD NO.
Moe: Why not! ;_; Moe wants to know why not
Ziggy: I... need to cleverly infiltrate his office.
Moe: Moe wants to help!
Ziggy: NO.
Moe: And take his lollipops! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
Ziggy: No more Sugar!
Moe: Okay but Moe still wants to come with!
Ziggy: You're not coming. Stay here, and I'll bring you some pixi sticks.
Moe: Lollipop! And tell Gaignun we say HIIIII! *goes back to eating ice cream*
Ziggy: *gets out of there as fast as possible* x_x
Gaignun: *sleeping in his office still*
Moe: Tee Hee! -goes to sit by Jr. and MOMO-
Ziggy: *runs by woman in miniskirt* CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK!
Moe: -eats ice cream still-
Richard: *miniskirt hitches up* *pulls it back down*
Ziggy: (Did I just see....? No... >>
Moe: When do we get to go back to the durandal?
Richard: *tosses beautiful blond hair*
Ziggy: ... (wavy blonde hair... T_T)
Junior: As soon as we're done, I guess. Unless we find something else to do... *sees the "lady", thinking* She's actually kind of hot...
Moe: -claps- YAY! Then we can go and um...yeah! -doesn't wanna get yelled no at again-
Richard: *bends over to pick up dropped penny*
Ziggy: OH GOD. That is NOT Sharon!
Moe: *blinks* ...
Richard: *looks at Ziggy curiously* Good observation, Einstein.
Junior: ..............

Richard: My name is not Sharon. It's Ric--Rita.
Junior: *suddenly realizes who it is and pretends to be invisible... not to mention clear his mind...*
Ziggy: (did I say that out loud? Damn it. I need maintainance. That kid's stressing me out) ... My appologies, I'll be going... n-now--aaah! *trips over the curb*
Moe: -throws ice cream around-
Richard: *sniffs and goes to the ladies' room*
Moe: ...Where did metal man go?
Ziggy: @_@;;;
Richard: *meanwhile, is itching crazily at his "boobs"*
Moe: ...it doesn't take that long to get a wallet...-throws more ice cream around0
MOMO: Moe, stop throwing the ice cream
Ziggy: *gets up and starts going back to the Durandal* (that kid is going to pay... >>;; *10 minutes later, arrives at Gaignun's office*
Moe: Yes sister *eats it*
Gaignun: *sleeping soundly*
Ziggy: (he's sleeping. I shouldn't disturb him, but I need the wallet... if I can sneak in...)
Office door: *is unlocked*
MOMO: Aww... maybe Gaignun was right. You are kind of cute. ^^
Ziggy: *sneaks through the door and tries to be quiet, sees a Bunnie (TM) wallet sitting on a table and takes it, without checking the ID, and then gets out of there*
Moe: Tee Hee ^^ *licks ice cream without being as annoing and kicks feet slightly back and forth, bobbing head*
Gaignun: *starts muttering again*
Junior: *thinking* He really isn't just annoying
Ziggy: o_O *stops and looks* The... pusher robot?
Moe: -slurps ice cream-
Gaignun: Stupid...robot...should...have...killed...
Ziggy: ... me? :<
Gaignun: ...Daddy.
Moe: ZOMG the ice cream is melting ;_;

Ziggy: *blinks* (hokay! time to get out of here)
Junior: Then eat faster...
Moe: ....But Moe gets a brain freeze...
MOMO: Then you shouldn't have gotten more..
Gaignun: Glad...bastard...is...sleeping...easier...to...kill...
Moe:...I'm trying to save it though!
Ziggy: !!! *gets out of there*
Junior: ...*sigh* You are hopeless Moe
Gaignun: Stabbity...stabbity...stabbity...
Moe: ...Why? I havent told you who I was saving it for....my one sister...the one 100 series...they may wanna try it! ....You lock them up to do work....they can't enjoy it.
Junior: I don't lock anyone up! They're free to walk around when we dock
Ziggy: *still hear's gaignun's mumblings* ... *door closes and heads back to foundation. 10 minutes later, arrives* I have it.
MOMO: *blinks* 'The one 100-Series'? But... there are a lot of 100-Series' on the Durandal...
Junior: Thanks old man! *takes it*
Moe: ...*steals wallet* LEMME SEE
Junior: Hey give it back!
Moe: ...Moe wants money for lollipops...-takes some ou and throws it at Jr.-
Junior: *grumbles and opens it up to see how much is in there* .... Um... Old man...This isn't mine... It's Gaignan's
Ziggy: ...Gaignun has a Bunnie (TM) wallet?
Moe: Oh oh oh! Gimme the wallet I'll go get yours~! Pleeeeease
Junior: >_> Yes
Gaignun's wallet: *has a picture of a basket for some reason*

Ziggy: *facepalms* I don't want to go back there. He was mumbling strange things.
Moe: -steals wallet and looks at it- Awwww I bet he has a bunny celly!
Junior: ....like what?
Moe: I'll go back!
MOMO: Aww, I didn't know Gaignun liked Bunnie!
Junior: NO
Ziggy: "Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity"
Moe: ....Why not?
Junior: He does... He watched Hello! Bunnie for years secretly
Moe: He did? Awww! ^^
Junior: ....Stabbity?
Ziggy: *nods* And something about killing Robots.
Junior: ....
MOMO: Oh, dear...

Moe:...AM I a robot?
Junior: Wow.. he has issues
Ziggy: *smirks* YES.
Moe: OMG -cries- GAIGNUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GAIGNUN WANT TO KILL ME!?!?!?!?!?! -cries really loud-
Junior: >_>
Junior: No he doesn't
Junior: nonononono! Calm down
MOMO: Ziggy!!
Junior: Last thing we need is the press to get wind of that
Moe: -sniffs- Metal man said I was a robot and that gaignun wants to kill them so he wants me dead WAHHHHHHHHHHHH
Ziggy: ...Sorry. :| *walks away sheepishly*
Junior: It's okay old man! Moe he was just playing
Ziggy: (I made a MOMO clone cry. T_T)
Junior: It was a joke! Funny ha ha
Moe: ....Are you sure...-thinks: heheheh- Can we go ask him?
Junior: No

Ziggy: *Angsts*
Moe: ...so we will never know!
Ziggy: (I'm a terrible father! Even though Moe isn't MOMO. T_T) *Angsts more*
Moe: ....-blinks and eats melting ice cream and laughs-
Ziggy: *notices the street is Broken Dreams BLVD* :<
Junior: *pays the patiant ice cream vender*
Moe: Moe is done! Moe saves cone again! ^^
Ziggy: Who names these streets anyway? *wanders into a dark alley* So dark and alone, perfect for me... because I can't hurt anyone here. T_T *climbs into a dumpster*
Junior: *rolls eyes*
Moe: ...Metal Man!?!?! Where is Metal Man?
Junior: *knocks on the side of the dumpster* It's fine, old man
Moe :*adds in nananananan METAL MAN*
Junior: Get out of there before I either drag you out or get all mushy
MOMO: Come on, Ziggy, it's okay.
Moe: -skips around holding ice cream cone-
Ziggy: ...Go away. :<
Moe: Does metal man want Moe's cone?
Ziggy: No!
Moe: ....Y-You didn't have to yell!
Ziggy: ...

Moe: -blinks- You have a banana in your hair...
Old man... come on, you just had cheesecake simulation oil!
MOMO: *peeks inside dumpster* Come back out Ziggy.
Junior: How bad could things be?
Moe: ...Why is he in there?
Moe: ...You do?
Junior: No you don't

Moe: ...Gaignun always told me that Little Master failed at life!
Helmer: U-DO?
Junior: That's me *doesn't know why he's saying that*
Junior: ....HEY
Moe: ...He does he tells me that ALL the time! It's funny!
Junior: *grumbles*
MOMO: Aww, don't say that... You don't fail at life! *looks at Junior* And neither do you
Ziggy: *reads a discarded magazine*
Moe: ....No one but little master fails at life so please come out! You said Gaignun was asleep, soooo if we go back then you can use his shower an clean up!
Ziggy: *perks up*
Moe: But we have to go back fast and you have to feel better or he'll wake up soon!
Ziggy: Fine. *climbs out with banana peel on his head and chocolate pudding on his clothes*
Junior: ...I don't know whether to be offended or shocked that Moe just said something apprpriate
Ziggy: (and a half-eaten lollypop stuck in his hair too)
Moe: So let's go *starts walking, boucning up and down* ...*looks* ....LOLLIPOP! *tries to take lollipop*
Ziggy: OWWWW... HAIR. :<
Junior: Don't do that1
Moe: ;_; ...it's stuck...if you wash that out...then save it okay?
Junior: ew
Moe: I'll give it to Gaignun ^^
Junior: That was in a dumpster, Moe
Ziggy: ...
MOMO: ...

Ziggy: Wait, this isn't a lollipop!
Junior: o_o
Moe: .....What is it?
Junior: Must be Gaignan's then...
Junior: Sick freak
Ziggy: .... No.
Moe: ;_;
Junior: *sigh* kneel down, old man, and I'll get it out
Ziggy: This lollipop is laced with something little gender confused 100-series realians shouldn't be eating.... or anyone for that matter. Except maybe Voyager because he's a sicko like that. *kneels down.*
Junior: *whips out scissors* Just hold still.... I hate touching these dil.... I mean, "lollipops"
Moe: ...Dil Pickle?
Ziggy: NO! Don't cut my hair!
Junior: It's the only way to get it out without ripping out your scalp
Ziggy: But it won't grow back.
Moe: MOE WILL GET IT OUT! -pulls on it-
Junior: NO MOE
Moe: -stops-
Junior: You're hurting him!
Moe: ...Opps?
Moe: ...I didn't feel anything
Junior: .........*is fed up and pulls on Moe's hair* THERE! THAT'S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE
Moe: Guess who taught me that.
Ziggy: *blinks* Great, I have a dild--- i mean Dilandu stuck in my hair.
Junior: oww... see, so DON'T pull on it

MOMO: *sigh* Boys....
Moe: ...I'm telling on you...I didn't know...
Ziggy: >> There's perverse things on my head.
Junior: sigh... okay... Please old man, you don't want to walk around with that in your hair *readies scissors*
Ziggy: No I don't. But.... My sexy hair.
Junior: I'll pay for a new hair transplant or something*
Ziggy; T_T
Junior: Would you rather have a "lollipop" stuck on your head?
Ziggy: Actually yes. :/
Junior: .... sigh fine
Ziggy: But I take it you were being sarcasitc. So I returned it.
Junior: Oh wow... you have a sense of humopr
Moe: .....-goes threw the garbage looking for lollipops-
Junior: um don't do that Moe
Moe: Why not?
Ziggy: It's not everyday that you get a dild... I mean Durandal stuck in your hair.
Junior: .......... Can we go yet?
Moe: -starts walking- Okay
Ziggy: *sticks a paper bag over head* YES. Let's go.
Moe: -skips-
Junior: ............ *is tempted to draw a smiley face on it*
Gaignun: *has long since awoke and is now filling out paperwork*
Ziggy: ... (This sucks. I'm so taking a shower)
Moe: ....My cone is gone...poo....;_; Oh well....Come on Slow Pokes!
Junior: *follows quietly*
Moe: -sings barbie girl-
Ziggy: *walks but runs into things because he has a paper bag over his head and can't really see.*
Junior: *eye twitch*
MOMO: Ziggy, you're going to hurt yourself... You could've at least cut holes in that bag so you can see..
Ziggy: ... oh. Ooops. *pokes holes in the bag with his metal hand but pokes his eyes in the process* OW!
Moe: ...-tries to not laugh-
Junior: *facepalms* Bloody brilliant
MOMO: ...
Ziggy: You can say that again! That... realian is driving me batty. I can't think.
Junior: I know exactly what you mean
MOMO: *puppy dog eyes* Which realian..?
Moe: ..-runs around ziggy-

Junior: Not you, MOMO
Junior: *eye twitch*
Ziggy: ..... Lactis.
Moe: *blinks* Lactis? Ooooookay...Are we there yet?
Junior: Soon
Moe: YAY
MOMO: Why do you want to see Gaignun so much? He's scary... and mean.
Moe: -jumps up and down- Fast faster walk faster slow pokes!
Ziggy: ... Lactis! T___T;;;;
Moe: ...>.> I never said that.... ...But he is awsome! You don't know him like me!
MOMO: He yelled at us. And locked Junior in a closet.
Junior: I think... Gaignan may have screwed around with his programming to make him more juvenile, cause Gaignan;s a ped, and sickeningly loyal so he follows every command, cause Gaignan's a pedo
Moe: ...He did?
Ziggy: *still can't see, even though there's holes in the bag* ... *runs into a wall* oww.
Moe: ....o.O
Gaignun: *sneezes*
Moe: Gaignun didn't mess around with my programming.
Ziggy: (It all makes sense!)
Junior: If you say so, but for all you know, Gaignan could have programed you to not know that he did what you don't know he did but really do know he did but was brainwashed to not know what he did do.
MOMO: *blinks*
Junior: Now that doesn't make any sense
Gaignun: *has a sneezing fit*
Moe: ...Maybe you brainwashed me to make me think Gaignun really did that.
Junior: Why would I brainwash you? Plus, I just met you... today
Moe: But he didn't because YOU DID ....Maybe when I was asleep....
Junior: Trust me, if I programmed you, you would NOT act liek this
Moe: ;_; Moe likes moe the way Moe is!
MOMO: I think I'm getting a headache... *wonders if realians can even get headaches*
Moe: Moe is Moe and no one else!
Junior: Can we just get to the Durandel so we can finish this crack?
Ziggy: !!! Are you okay, MOMO?
Moe: ....No....?
Moe: We still gotta go bug gaignun and I think you forgot to feed that annoying dog...
Junior: *gasp* Alby! Well... he needs to go on a die anyway... but he's not annoyng
MOMO: *nods* I'm okay, don't worry
Junior: No, a diet
Moe: Oh...Okay..

Junior: He's fat
Moe: Because you over feed him. Also you didn't let him out today. He could be peeing on your pillows.
Junior: No he did that to Gaignan's pillows last week
Moe: -gasps- evil dog
Junior: He doesn't seem to like Gaignan much. No he's a good doggie
Moe: ....No he isn't he is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
MOMO: Aww... Alby doesn't seem like a bad dog, Moe.
Junior: He's not. He's a good dog. That's why I give him so many treats
Moe: ....But peeing on master gaignun's pillows is just mean!
Junior: Sometimes "Master Gaignan" deserves it
Moe: No he doesn't. He is nice ^^
MOMO: ...you're just obsessed with Gaignun...
Moe: He has lollipops!
Junior: Sometimes "Master Gaignan" is a "bad doggie."
Moe: >.> <.< No I'm not
Junior: This is why I say you were brainwashed
Moe: ....
Junior: You can't even see that they're actually ******
Moe: ....a ******?
Junior: yes, a *****
Moe: what's a *****?
Junior: cherry-flavored ******
Junior: *sigh* Look Moe, I'll be straight with you... *for MOMO's sake, he whispers it into Moe's ear*
Moe: ...yes?
Junior: It's *whispers* It's used to *whispers* and *whispers* to the *whispers* And that's why *whispers*
Moe: ....
Junior: I'm sorry you had to find out like this
Moe: ....GAIGNUN!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!

Junior: Yeah...
Moe: -goes to his office-
Junior: Oh no
Moe: -has a bat?-
Junior: Oh mai *runs over*
Ziggy: *sneaks around* >>;;; (must find the shower!)
MOMO: *blinks* Uh-oh...
Junior: *to MOMO and Ziggy* I think he's gonna kill him o_O
Gaignun: *ears perk up at sound*
Moe: -comes in and sets bat down- I found a baseball bat! By the way....WHy did yu give me a ****???? I want lollipops!
Junior: *slips and falls in disbelief*
Ziggy: D:
Moe: What? I would never kill him....
Gaignun: ...Here. *gives Moe a real lollipop*
Moe: LOLLIPOP! -eats- Thank you ^^
Junior: Oh what do you know... you have reall ones...
Moe: Mission complete....
Gaignun: *sighs, goes back to his work*
Ziggy: *is near the door to the shower* ... (just a few more steps and I'm on my way to cleanliness!)
Junior: ...I'm going to sleep
Moe: btw metal guy is using your shower

Gaignun: Fine. *mutters something about being pounded if he resisted*
Ziggy: *smirks and goes to take a shower.* ... *sings showtunes*
Moe: -licks lollipop- Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop!
MOMO: *shakes head and mutters* I think I agree with that one female URTV... you males ARE weird...
Moe: -takes a cookie and goes up to someone and pushes cooking in their mouth- have a cookie...eat the cookie....
Ziggy: *enjoys shower, and "lollypop" falls out of his hair. 10 minutes later, he gets out and forgets about the "lollypop" and leaves it sitting in the shower*
Moe: ...I saw it on TV so I wanted to do the same thing!
Junior: There! I said it
Ziggy: *comes back out, all sparkly and glittery*
Moe: -hides behind gaignun- Your son is mean to me...
JJVAST40 (4:17:55 AM): Junior: Wheeee! My turn! *runs into bathroom*
Gaignun: *rubs temples* Just ignore him, Moe.
Junior: *strips and jumps into the shower*
Moe: ...Okay! ^^ -jumps on bed-
Junior: *whistles "Born in the UMN"*
Ziggy: *hums grease lightning because he has it stuck in his head after singing it in the shower*
Moe: WHEEEE! -still jumping on gaignun's bed while clapping hands- Huh woah ow! -falls and lands on floor-
Gaignun: *sighs and goes over to help Moe up*
Ziggy: MOMO, would you like to play monopoly?
Junior: *hears loud thump coming from Gaignan's room* ....
Moe: Thank You!!! ^^ -claps hands-

Gaignun: Try not to be so rough.
Junior: ... no way...
Moe: Sorry...I was just having too much fun.
MOMO: Hmm? Oh! Uh-huh! That would be fun, Ziggy!
Gaignun: *smiles* You're a cute kid. *ruffles his hair*
Junior: Holy! Ziggy, too?! o_O
Ziggy: *takes monopoly from Gaginun's collection and puts it on a table* What? I'm in a good mood. I had a cheesecake oil and a shower...?
Moe: *giggles* Thank you ^^ I'm a cute kid! *jumps up and down becuase he likes doing that*
Junior: *hears rhythmic pounding* o_o
MOMO: Moe! Gaignun! Do you want to play, too?
Ziggy: O_O... (this can't go well.)
Gaignun: Certainly.
Moe: -keeps jumping- Moe want's to play! Moe want's to play!
Junior: *hugs knees in fright of the pedo orgy* Why is the only person NOT a pedo the 28 year old stuck in a 12 year old's body?
Moe: -gigles and claps-
Ziggy: I'm not a pedo. *takes out pieces*
MOMO: *knocks on bathroom door* Junior? Why don't you come play?
Junior: Oh mai... they can hear me... though it might just be Ziggy's super-powered cyborg ears
Moe: MOE WANTS TO BE THIS! *hold the car*
Junior: ...MOMO! What do you think you're donig o_o

Gaignun: That's a little too pointy for you, Moe. You'll poke your eye out.
Moe: ...Okay. Then what should moe be?
Ziggy: *takes the dog*
Junior: o_O
MOMO: *blinks* Huh? I'm playing, silly! Come out and join us, it'll be really fun~
Junior: *cries* You people are sick! Not right in the head! Run MOMO save yourself! Don't be influenced by THEM
Gaignun: *hands Moe the top hat*
Junior: It's not just a game MOMO >_>
MOMO: It's not? But... what else could it be?
Moe: AWSOME! Thanks! -puts the small thing on his head and dances in his chair-
JJVASJunior: ...Just trust me. There's touching involved, it's wrong
Gaignun: :)
Junior: *is between blushing and vomiting*
Moe: ...MOMO let him be okay?
Ziggy: MOMO, which one do you want? There's the shoe...
Moe: -keeps dancing in his chair while singing a random song-
Junior: .....
Moe: I'm to sexy for my hat too sexy for my hat so sexy it hurts! -puts the hat down on the table-
Junior: o_o
MOMO: Well, when you have to pass things around, I guess you might touch them... *blinks* Oh, I like the shoe, Ziggy! It's cute. ^^
Gaignun: Try not to get too excited, Moe. We haven't even started yet.
Junior: oh dear lord
Ziggy: i'll hold onto the shoe and keep it safe until you're ready to use it.
Moe: ...-nods- Okay! I'm just so excited! :P

Junior: A sock is one thing... but a shoe? owww
Moe: Moe likes this hat! It's so small and cute!
Gaignun: You'll know when to let it out.
MOMO: *taps on the door again* Are you sure you don't want to play Junior?
Moe: Okay, just, I have never played before so I'm happy -claps-
Junior: Yes I am 100% positive I don't want to "play"
Ziggy: I can't keep a good hold on these pieces with my metal hand. I'd better old them with my other one. Where are the cards that explain what to do? Shouldn't we shuffle them?
Junior: *shudders in fear and covers ears*
Gaignun: Ah, yes. I will do it.
Moe: I dunno don't ask me.
Gaignun: *looks around for cards* They're gone. We can't play without them.
Moe: ;_; whaaaaaaaaaaat?
Gaignun: I don't know where they went, I'm afraid.
Ziggy: *puts bag with the houses on it on the table* Maybe the fell out?
MOMO: We can't play without the cards..?

Gaignun: Perhaps we can create our own.
Moe: FUN!
Ziggy: The only one I can remember is "Do not pass go, Do not collect 200g"
MOMO: *claps* Wonderful!
Gaignun: Ah, the "go to jail". A bait card if i've ever seen one.
Moe: Jail?
Junior: *swore he heard "jail" and "bait"* O_o
Moe: Moe wants to go to jail!
Ziggy: Don't worry, MOMO, I'll make sure you don't get handcuffed.

Gaignun: You're too young to go to jail, Moe.
Moe: I am? You have to be a certain age to go to jail?
MOMO: But if we get that card, then we have to go, right? That's how you play, isn't it?
Moe: Yeah!
Ziggy: Yes, but I'll be gentle on you.
Gaignun: Ah, yes. Silly me. This is fantasy.
Moe: Moe wants to go ot jail! It's a funny word.
Junior: *is getting mindraped, slowly*
Gaignun: If you want, little Moe, go ahead.
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