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Subject:Crack Scene of Excellence, Deux Edition
Time:11:27 pm

Akiko: Wow and there are lots of things in the bathroom to kill himself with
Junior: =O
Akiko: he could drink the shampoo
Junior: o_o
Akiko: Put a razor in his mouth
Junior: O_O
Bathroom: *water sounds are heard*
Albedo: *shakes head* Let's not go through this again... You got into this mess by locking yourself in the closet in the first place, Nigredo.
Akiko: Um...cut himself with the razor
Junior: O_o
Akiko: Slip on the soap!
Junior: No more......
Akiko: But I have more though!
Junior: I'm gonna cry again
Akiko: The soap could fall out of his hands, he steps on it, slips and cracks his head open.
Junior: ....
Akiko: Then because of the locked door we cannot get to him and thus he dies!
Bathroom: *on cue, a huge thump is heard*
Junior: ....OMG
Akiko: ...*starts to laugh*
Junior: Gaignan dropped the soap!
Akiko: *waits*
Junior: ...
Akiko: ... *keeps waiting*
Bathroom: *streak* *whoosh* *thump* *CRACK*
Junior: O_O
Akiko: ... *falls over laughing*
Albedo: ...oh, dear.
Junior: He's either got Playboy in there or Akiko's prediction was right
Akiko: Wow! *eyes wide*
Junior: T_T
Akiko: *eyes water* *goes into a fit of laughter again*
Junior: =( Gaignan dying isn't funny...
Akiko: Oh but it is
Bathroom: *sounds of movement is heard from within*
Akiko: Gaignun sure does have bad luck.
Junior: You know with the exception of Yuriev, I never want my family members to die... You're another exception, Akiko. He's still alive ^_^
Akiko: *gasps* YOU WANT FATHER DEAD! *growls* Well I want you dead but no not him *slaps*
Gaignun: *had really just accidentally dropped a series of towel racks onto the floor*
Junior: Yeah I want him dead! He wants to kill ALL OF US remember?
Akiko: ...>.> Your point...?
Gaignun: *mumbling* Towel, towel, towel...
Akiko: *airhead and idiot*
Junior: Towel?
Akiko: o.O; Dang it!
Junior: Are you done yet? I want to use your shower already
Akiko: *steps on Jr.'s foot*
Junior: OW WTF?
Gaignun: *wraps himself in the largest towel avaliable* *still mumbling* *is rather shaken about latest fan girl rape*
Albedo: Why do you want to use Nigredo's shower? Wait, no... I don't even want to know...
Akiko: Because it's awsome!
Junior: It's a kickass shower, Albedo:. You've never been there. Trust me. It's really cool.
Akiko: I used it once it rules!
Junior: There's an arcade by the toilets
Akiko: Only thing I like about Gaignun would be his shower :P
Junior: Yes toilets as in plural
Akiko: *gasps* Really!?
Junior: Oh, you've never been to the east side?
Akiko: I never knew that there was the arcade >.>
Gaignun: *goes into a corner and huddles by jacuzzi, still mumbling*
Junior: You were using the west side
Akiko: If I'm a nice good sister will you show me that side? I promise no killing you guys
Junior: Sure, just no more hitting, and help Albedo bleach his hair back to white. The black hair is creeping me out.
Akiko: >.> It's paint it'll come out
Junior: Paint doesn't come out
Albedo: ...by the sounds of it, one could get lost in there. And, yes! I'm not liking the change in hair color.
Akiko: FINE!
Albedo: I was nicknamed ALBEDO for a reason.
Junior: I've gotten lost twice
Akiko: *takes white paint and dumps it on him* >.> Happy?
Junior: Damn...
Akiko: I dunno how to get the paint out...that was my best guess
Albedo: ...I really hate you. *runs after Akiko*
Junior: ... *takes the remaining popcorn*
Akiko: EEP! I was just trying to help! *runs away*
Gaignun: *howls out 'TOWEL' in a fit of madness*
Akiko: >.> I think something is possessing me again buuuut! *glomps* You don't wanna hurt your big sister do you?
Junior: ...I don't know which disturbed me more, Gaignan's yell or my sister's glomp.
Albedo: Ack!! *falls back* Get the hell off of me!
Akiko: x.X No never! Not until you promise to stop running after me :P I was trying to help that time
Albedo: I'm going to kill you! VERY, VERY SLOWLY!!
Akiko: eep *huggels him* Please don't! Or..I...I'll...I'll cry!
Junior: ....
Gaignun: *turns into Yuriev in a moment of high stress*
Yuriev: ...
Akiko: *blinks* something tells me...AHHHHHHHH HE'S GONNA KILL ME! *gets off of Albedo and runs* >.>
Yuriev: Why am I here? With nothing on but a towel. *immediately switches back to Gaignun at the word*
Gaignun: -el. ...O...kay...? *confused, tries to get up, towel falls off* ...Stupid tow-- *changes to Yuriev*
Yuriev: --el.
Albedo: *growls as he stands up and brushes himself off* I really hate the standards... Especially the female types....
Junior: Agreed
Akiko: >.> *hears albedo* Well Albedo:...I HATE YOU TOO >.> *hisses* Why you were created I dunno!
Yuriev: ... *can't help but be horrified at his naked self* I don't remember that being that size. Where is my tow-- *changes back to Gaignun*
Gaignun: --el?
Akiko: o.O; *looks at the bathroom* Hey guys...Gaignun isn't alone in there. He has a friend or something but I hear two voices...
Junior: Bwah? o_O
Gaignun: ... *picks up towel again and wraps himself*
Akiko: Maybe thats what all that sound is or something.... *presses ear on the door* heeeeelllo?
Gaignun: *ears perk up* What do YOU want?
Junior: *rubs temples* As long as he's not giving the magazine voices again *shudders*
Akiko: I dunno I heard male voices... Hey who is your friend!?
Gaignun: What friend?
Junior: Now I HOPE he was...
Akiko: The guy with the deep voice!
Junior: O_o
Albedo: ...
Gaignun: ... *thinking* SHIT.
Akiko: ... *blinks*
Gaignun: ...My voice momentarily...cracked.
Junior: *catches his thought* Umm...
Akiko: Nu uh! It can't not like that is was much...cooler and very creepy sounding! Like...weird like...but creepy...
Gaignun: Well...my voice cracks are different. Yes, different!
Akiko: Your different...
Junior: ....
Akiko: *bangs on door*
Junior: Gaignan can you get out already? *sniffs pits* I need to use the shower
Gaignun: Go away! I've just been raped and you don't care!
Junior: I care! I'll care more when I'm clean
Akiko: x.X No not really but we need the bathroom so get out
Gaignun: Go use your bathroom! I'm only in a tow--
Yuriev: --el anyway! ...
Junior: Who the hell is in there with him?
Albedo: This is getting creepy...
Akiko: LEMME IN! *kicks the door*
Junior: It is
Akiko: No If I say you'll kill him
Yuriev: It is still I...Nigredo!
Akiko: With a much deeper voice...lemme in
Yuriev: *coughs, tries to make his voice slightly higher and less creepy* Seriously.
Junior: ....'It is still I?' Gaignan doesn't talk like that
Albedo: Nigredo doesn't call himself Nigredo, either.
Junior: ...Did you just say srsly?
Akiko: I WANT IN >.>
Junior: ....
Akiko: You must be getting sick
Yuriev: No, I have my tow--
Gaignun: --el on.
Akiko: ...
Junior: .... I am so confused
Akiko: ...Nigredo...whats going on...
Gaignun: Don't call me by that name!
Akiko: Nigredo Nigredo Nigredo Nigredo Nigredo Nigredo!!! :P
Yuriev: --EL.
Akiko: o.O;
Yuriev: ...
Junior: How do you choke someone with a towel?
Akiko: *kicks the door* Let me in...
Yuriev: Stop that, little girl!
Akiko: ....*gasps*
Yuriev: You are starting to agitate me!
Junior: OMG! *creeped out the the pedo voice that said that*
Akiko: Yes sir *sits down*
Junior: >_>
Akiko: *blinks*
Junior: You just obeyed... What the hell is going on?
Akiko: ...Understood...I'll shut up now..
Albedo: ...had I known it was that easy, I would've asked you to tell her that a long time ago.
Yuriev: Stupid, itchy tow--
Gaignun: el.
Junior: ...really. Gaignan are you using hypnosis? I thought you promised not to do that anymore
Akiko: ...is everything all right?
Gaignun: I'm not. I swear.
Akiko: >:o *gets up and kicks the door*
Junior: O_O
Albedo: You're not okay, or you're not using hypnosis?
Gaignun: Hypnosis!
Junior: You were sitting still for a second Akiko What the hell?
Akiko: *growls and kicks the door* let me in all ready! I don't need to explain myself to you >.>
Gaignun: No, please! I'm still in a tow--
Yuriev: --el!
Akiko: *blinks* Then change!
Yuriev: ...I will do no such thing.
Akiko: Yes sir *sits back down*
Junior: ... *looks at the transformation in Akiko's behavior*
Akiko: *looks at Jr.* What are you looking at shrimp?
Yuriev: *thinks* Hmm, yes, I see.
Junior: What is going on? And why does that voice sound so familiar?
Albedo: Why don't you quit hiding in that bathroom and get out here?
Akiko: >.> it's nothing. Yes please do that
Yuriev: *testing hypothesis* Tow--
Gaignun: --el. ...How in the world did that word get associated with THAT?
Akiko: ...*beats on the door* Albedo! Wanna break the door down again?
Gaignun: No! Don't come in! I'm only in my...uh, white drying fabric!
Akiko: a what?
Junior: Huh? Drying fabric?
Akiko: what's that?
Gaignun: Uh, white non-robe!
Junior: ???
Akiko: ...real words!
Albedo: No, I do not want to break down the door again. I don't care if it's Nigredo, or... whoever in there, I don't want to see them in a towel.
Gaignun: *turns into Yuriev*
Akiko: >.> Want me to get clothes then or something?
Yuriev: ...No.
Akiko: Understood
Junior: Ugh. I'm getting pissed now.
Akiko: May I beat up Rubedo?
Yuriev: No. He's too insignificant.
Junior: What are you asking THAT GUY for? INSIGNIFICANT? That's it! I'm dragging whoever the hell that is out here and kicking his ass
Akiko: Yes sir...
Albedo: *laughs* Rubedo's insignificant!
Akiko: *throws something at Jr.*
Junior: OW! Quiet, you jerk!
Yuriev: Don't get your undies twisted into knots, Rubedo--I mean, Junior.
Junior: .... 'Undies?'
Akiko: *pokes at door* Please come out now?
Junior: I now know 100% That that is NOT Gaignan
Albedo: *pauses* ... *bursts out laughing again*
Akiko: Of course not idiot! *smacks Jr.*
Yuriev: *sighs* Tow--
Gaignun: --el.
Junior: OW! That's it! I'm not showing you the arcade anymore
Akiko: Sorry! x.X *gives him a sucker* It's cherry flavor
Gaignun: Must not never say that word never again.
Junior: Yay! Lolipop! ^_^ *takes and sticks it in mouth* What? Lolipop?
Akiko: Fine we get it! Who cares if your in a towel just get out here and go off and change. all the fangirls are dead
Junior: Gaignan, whoever's in there with you, you better kick him out here so I can kick his ass. NOW.
Gaignun: *changes back to Yuriev*
Yuriev: He will do no such thing. I mean, I! I!
Junior: *rubs forehead*
Akiko: ...juSt come out and change for the love of god x.X
Albedo: Oh, come on. We KNOW who's in there, you might as well come out.
Junior: We do? Who is it?
Akiko: Yeah really well Rubedo may not know but surprise him
Yuriev: ...No, you don't.
Akiko: Well I know.
Yuriev: ...
Junior: Why does everyone know who it is but me? >=O
Akiko: It's *opens mouth to get ready to say it*
Albedo: ..well, Rubedo doesn't, but what else is new?
Junior: *growl*
Yuriev: I knew I should have kept my mouth shut when I tasted that tonic...
Albedo: *smacks Akiko in the back of the head* Don't even say it!
Akiko: Ow x.X Why not?
Junior: What the hell? Why not just tell me? It's not like my mom's in there or something
Yuriev: *facepalm*
Akiko: Rubedo want to know that the man in there is really *covers mouth* ...Mom...O.o
Albedo: ...well, no, it's not our mom.
Junior: sigh it was sarcasm... anyway. Who is it already?
Akiko: Okay but if you show me the bathroom I'll tell you
Yuriev: ...You do, and I will personally eliminate you, #665.
Albedo: Shut up, Akiko. Let him figure something out on his own for once.
Akiko: EEP! Understood I won't tell him sir! *sits down and crosses arms*
Junior: .....He knows Akiko is 665, He knows our original names, and Akiko calls him sir. *gasps in shock and dismay* What's Helmer doing in there?!
Akiko: ...Well duh my palm says 665! *shows number*
Yuriev: Will someone get me a robe? This tow--
Gaignun: --el is no good.
Akiko: omg what an idiot...I hate you males!...
Albedo: You really are hopeless, Rubedo
Junior: Hopeless?
Gaignun: Or a bigger towel?
Albedo: Yes, hopeless!
Yuriev: Anyone?
Akiko: Fine! *goes to get a robe and comes back* Its dirty but here better then what you have...just come out x.X
Akiko: I'm glad I listen :P
Junior: I'm not hopeless!
Yuriev: *unlocks bathroom door*
Junior: I figured it out didn't I?
Albedo: ...no, you didn't figure it out.
Bathroom Door: *creaks open*
Junior: OMG! I am going to kick Helmer's ass
Akiko: *jumps up and down* The bathroom is unlocked!
Yuriev: ...
Akiko: NO! >:o *throws something at Jr. again*
Junior: OW
Yuriev: Where's my robe?
Junior: ....
Akiko: Hello *pokes the door* Right here! *hands the robe*
Yuriev: Good, this tow--
Junior: ...
Gaignun: --el just did not work.
Akiko: Come out now...>.>
Gaignun: ... *comes out*
Akiko: ...where is your friend?
Gaignun: Friend? What friend?
Junior: Gaignan, don't you feel better now that you've finally come out? *snickers*
Gaignun: ...
Akiko: The friend we were talking to...
Junior: Yeah where's Helmer?
Gaignun: There was no friend.
Akiko: You better say thank you
Gaignun: ...Why would Helmer be here?
Junior: ...?
Akiko: Or I'll take the robe back!
Albedo: It's not Helmer, you idiot...
Junior: I don't know!
Gaignun: ...Thank you?
Junior: It's not? =O
Akiko: Your welcome! *smacks*
Junior: Who was it then? I need to kick his ass!
Akiko: ...No! *throws something else at Jr.*
Gaignun: ;_; Why did you hit me?
Junior: *is used to it by now* Ow
Akiko: Because you won't tell us who your friend was *pokes Jr.*
Junior: *with poke* Ow.
Gaignun: ...I have no friends.
Akiko: o.O Really?
Junior: No you don't =D But you have me!
Akiko: Gotta put that on the website
Junior: And Albedo.
Gaignun: *bursts into tears*
Akiko: And meeee!
Albedo: I'm Nigredo's friend?
Akiko: Yes
Gaignun: I don't want you people~
Junior: Closest thing to it
Akiko: x.X; Give me the robe back!
Junior: Don't reject your only friends. GOD NO! Leave the robe on him! It's better than a towel
Gaignun: *turns into Yuriev*
Akiko: True
Yuriev: ...
Akiko: *jaw drops*
Junior: O_O Oh my god!
Yuriev: ...Hello?
Akiko: Father? *pokes* Are you real?
Junior: OH MY GOD
Yuriev: ...
Albedo: It's about time he found out...
Akiko: Really *pokes Yuriev again*
Yuriev: Stop that.
Akiko: Yes sir *pokes Jr.*
Junior: Yuriev... *walks over to him and punches him in the face*
Akiko: >:o *kicks Jr.*
Junior: I've been wanting to do that for years... Ow
Akiko: *drags him by the hair towards albedo* play nice!
Yuriev: *hasn't flinched* You just grieviously harmed your baby brother, Rubedo.
Junior: My brother? What are you talking about?
Akiko: hahaha! *laughs*
Junior: *was too shocked to realize*
Yuriev: ... Akiko, hand me back my tow--
Gaignun: --el.
Junior: O_O *finally realizes*
Akiko: *goes to get towel but stops* NO! You cannot have this!
Gaignun: *nose is hurting* ;_;
Junior: *dumbfoundedly catatonic with shock*
Akiko: *hands him the towel* fine take it
Gaignun: I hate this life! ;_;
Akiko: If your nose starts to bleed use that to stop it. Eh? Why?
Gaignun: I want a normal family, normal friends, a normal job, and a normal shower! *wails more*
Junior: ....
Akiko: ...Um...Well...yeah the normal family is way out of the question
Albedo: But normal is so...boring.
Akiko: Normal friends...what Albedo said BORING!
Akiko: and a normal shower fine take mine! I'll take yours!
Junior: *snaps out of it* Yeah your shower rocks. Wait a second, why am I focused on that? *cries as well*
Akiko: Yeah but if you want a boring shower take mine I would love to have yours.
Albedo: Now I'm getting a headache...
Junior: I should go on Jerry springer... My Sister is trying to kill me, my brother came back from the dead, and my little brother is actually my father!
Akiko: OMG! We all should!
Gaignun: Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch.
Akiko: Jerry jerry jerry! :P
Gaignun: How would you like to have good old daddy in you 24/7?
Junior: That's true too but does he actually talk to you? Does he infect your dreeeeaaams?
Akiko: ...Um...well...I dunno...its okay that he is in you...but me nah... o.O;
Gaignun: ...I prefer not to answer those questions.
Akiko: is he that voice in your head hahaha
Junior: Does he bother you while partaking in personal moments?
Akiko: does he tell you to go for the blue pill when you wanna go to for the red one?
Gaignun: ...
Akiko: ...WELL?!?!?!
Junior: Yes answer
Gaignun: I'M KILLING MYSELF RIGHT NOW. *nabs Junior's gun and runs off toward the nearest utility closet*
Junior: Oh god not again. And he calls ME emo
Akiko: *eyes go wide* NO DON'T DO IT IF YOU DIE SO DOES DAD! *runs after him*
Junior: ....
Albedo: When did he become so suicidal? I thought I was the suicidal one.
Akiko: He gets it from you
Junior: ...She has a point
Akiko: *pulls a pen out* why yes, yes I do
Gun: *from a far off* BANG!
Albedo: But you two were the ones asking him all those questions
Junior: =O
Akiko: >.> <.<
Junior: Gaignan!
Akiko: Dad! x.X *runs towards Gaignun*
Gaignun: *in a not so pleasent mess in the janitor's closet*
Alby: *walks in for no reason and starts barking happily at Albedo*
Junior: OMG! Gaignan!
Akiko: *looks at the mess* OMG!
Light bulb: *swings eerily*
Akiko: ...*backs away and runs off towards Albedo and Alby* If the cops ask...Rubedo did it...
Junior: *starts crying for the 4th time within the last few hours*
Akiko: *pokes at the dog* ... you look like someone I know...
Albedo: *ignores Alby and looks in the closet* Does that mean Yuriev is dead, too?
Akiko: *looks up at albedo* Yes! ;_;
Alby:: lifts up onto hind legs and places two front legs on Albedo's leg for attention*
Junior: Gaignan is dead... *continues crying*
Akiko: *backs away from the dog and goes to look int he closit*
Happy Bright Red Blood: *greets her*
Akiko: Phoenix Down! Phoenix Down...PHOENIX DOWN!!! x.X
Junior: *wailing*
Albedo: *looks at the dog* ...what do you want?
Akiko: oooh Hiya blood! *pokes at it*
Alby:: *barks happily, hoping to be pet*
Happy Bright Red Gaignun Blood: *smears*
Junior: O_O *blubbers*
Akiko: *laughs and writes random stuff in the blood, like "Rubedo was here."*
Junior: *too busy crying and being sad to notice*
Happy Bright Red Gaignun Blood: *in various pretty patterns and shapes*
Albedo: I don't like dogs. *shoos Alby away*
Alby:: ;_; *whimpers*
Akiko: wow this is better then Nigredo and dad! *makes faces*
Albedo: *glances around to see if anyone watching then picks Alby up* Come on, don't start whimpering now.
Alby:: *feels better* ^_^ *licks Albedo's cheek*
Akiko: *goes up to jr and pokes him, getting blood on his face*
Junior: =O
Akiko: *makes a star in bright red blood*
Junior: *rubs blood off, looks at fingers, starts crying even harder*
Akiko: *smiles*
Junior: *through sobs* Leave me alone!
Albedo: ...on second thought, I think I'd choose you over those people anyday. *walks away, still holding Alby*
Akiko: Nuuu *pokes his hair*heeey the blood blends in it!
Junior: *gets pissed and starts glowing red* LEAVE ME ALONE! AND LEAVE HIS BLOOD ALONE
Akiko: You better hope you don't like it or anything...gaignun could have had an std or something like that...o.o uh oh! *runs away*
Junior: O_O
Akiko: *goes towards albedo and alby* awww Albedo has a soft spot! *pats alby on the head and does the same to albedo*
Junior: *looks in mirror and hops he doesn't get cold sores around his mouth or something*
Past, alive Gaignun: *was very much a virgin*
Albedo: *growls* Don't touch me, girl.
Alby: *also growls at Akiko*
Akiko: O.o; Heeey ;_; I was trying to be nice ;_;
Junior: You were drawing in your dead little brothers blood! You're not a nice person!
Akiko: I'm the one who doesn't have any friends -smiles- I'll behave myself i promise. sorry about that
Albedo: *pats Alby's head and grins* Hey, I do like you after all.
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