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Subject:Crack Scene of Excellence
Time:11:26 pm

Gaignun: Albedo, I never told you...but I was the one who drank your soda in the fridge.
Albedo: Nigredo, you jerk!!
Junior: And I was the one who was blamed!
Gaignun: You deserved that.
Junior: ;_; Why must I suffer at every turn?
Albedo: Because no one likes you, Rubedo.
Junior: ;_;
Gaignun: *drinks Diet Pepsi*
Junior: Yeah? Well... nobody likes.... Your face! Yeah... You got burned.
Akiko: ... that was so lame...and if no one likes his face then they sure must think your face is ugly as well...
Junior: ....
Akiko: HA
Gaignun: She has a point. *sips soda*
Akiko: But same goes for all of us
Albedo: ...right. And why would I let a comeback like that hurt me, when it's coming from somone who hasn't even hit puberty?
Junior: I don't look like him though. He looks like Gaignan not me. So I'm saying no one likes Gaignan's face, which is also true =O WILL EVERYONE STOP POINTING THAT OUT?! I don't NEED puberty!
Gaignun: I was born last, so technically, all should be blamed on the eldest.
Akiko: *coughs*
Gaignun: ...Whatever happened to Unit #1 anyway?
Junior: *looks at Akiko* She IS the oldest
Akiko: x.X Damnit...but your the leader!
Junior: He exploded.
Gaignun: Oh, right. That incident...
Junior: Yeah... that was bad...
Akiko: He did? When did that happen?
Albedo: URTV's exploding... that was quite amusing, actually.
Gaignun: Let's just say that bubble gum and rubbing alcohol do not mix well.
Junior: *shudder*
Akiko: ...oh dear god
Junior: lesson learned
Gaignun: *sips soda*
Akiko: *steals soda*
Gaignun: ...Why did you do that?
Akiko: I'm to lazy to get my own
Gaignun: ...
Akiko: So there
Junior: I want soda! You have anything NOT diet crap?
Gaignun: No sugar for you after 6 PM. You know what happens when you break that rule.
Junior: Quit acting like you actually are my dad.
Akiko: *wants to see what happenes and gives Jr. mountain dew*
Gaignun: I don't want to drag you out of the infirmary again from that last high... ! NO!
Junior: Woo hoo! *drinks*
Akiko: *blinks*
Junior: :-D
Albedo: This should be interesting...
Akiko: Yes...*sits back with popcorn and offeres some to albedo*
Gaignun: *facepalm*
Akiko: So...what is going to happen to him?
Junior: *starts bouncing on heels* mmm I haven't had one of these in a loooong time
Albedo: *eats popcorn and watches*
Gaignun: *waits for it*
Junior: OMG Who wants to play me in Tekken? I can kick your asses!
Akiko: *blinks while eating popcorn as well* Nigredo wants to
Gaignun: NO. I DON'T.
Junior: *starts jumping and pretending to be a boxer*
Akiko: Uh huh suuure
Junior: I can kick your ass in real life, Gaignan!
Akiko: Oh oh oh! Do it I wanna see!
Gaignun: *prays for some God to kill him*
Junior: Let's go! *jabs him in the stomach, is still bouncing on feet* *drinks some more MD*
Gaignun: *blow merely skirts off* ...
Junior: Come on! You chicken?
Junior: *falls to ground not knowing what just happened* OMG! The Durandel is haunted!
Gaignun: Must...resist...blowing...his...head...off...
Albedo: *throws popcorn at Junior* You're hopeless, Rubedo.
Akiko: You are waisting popcorn on him x.X *smacks Albedo*
Albedo: *glares* Watch what you're doing, girl.
Junior: OMG! Now it's raining popcorn! *eats the popcorn from the ground*
Akiko: What are you going to do about it? huh *gets ready to smack him again but turns to look at Jr.* ...
Gaignun: *rubs temples*
Akiko: ...*laughs and pours the rest of the popcorn on him*
Junior: =D *eats*
Albedo: ...and people say I'm the one with issues.
Junior: OMG! The popcorn's talking!
Akiko: *puts a spider in the popcorn*
Junior: =O It's the spider!
Albedo: Dear god, someone shut him up.
Akiko: Yes the spider is talking to you...
Junior: Mr. Spider, can you give me love advice? ;_;
Gaignun: *facepalm*
Junior: I need to know why I won't grow
Akiko: O.o *pokes albedo* go on! play as the voice!
Junior: Grow as in grow up, sicko.
Albedo: Why me? You do it!
Akiko: You got the weirdest voice out of all of us! it'll fit the spider!
Junior: I CAN'T do it! That's why I'm asking you, Mr. Spider! ;_; *drinks more soda*
Gaignun: *thinking* Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...
Akiko: Someone should tell him he is hopeless and should jump off a bridge or something...>.> *smacks self* I shouldn't have given him md
Junior: *patiently watches spider* ...
Gaignun: ...
Junior: ...
Albedo: God, I hate you people... *clears throat* Er... you won't grow because... because... you... Oh for crying out loud, I can't do this! *steps on the spider* It's a spider, Rubedo. A SPIDER!
Akiko: *slaps Albedo*
Junior: *sobs into Albedo's foot* He was my friiiieeend!
Gaignun: ...
Akiko: o.O;
Albedo: ...
Junior: Mr. Spideerrr! =(
Akiko: I can get you a new friend
Junior: No you can't!
Gaignun: Junior, Mr. Spider is not coming back. Best to get over your grief and put down the Mountain Dew.
Akiko: Yes I can. Mr. Snake
Junior: It's not the same... ;_; ...wait a minute... There's still popcorn on the ground! =O *eats it up*
Akiko: ...I should have him clean my room
Gaignun: ... *steals Junior's soda while he is busy with the popcorn*
Albedo: ...is he always like this when he gets soda?
Gaignun: Only after 6 PM. Pre-pubescent quirk.
Junior: *still eating oblivious to conversation* ^_^
Akiko: ...He is an idiot...
Junior: *reaches for soda, finding the space vacant* o_O Mr. Soda?
Gaignun: *chuck soda into air lock*
Albedo: Then remind me to never give him soda after 6 PM.
Akiko: The guy who um... killed Mr. Spider killed Mr. Soda
Junior: =O
Akiko: You should attack him
Junior: Why does everyone I love leave me?! And I STILL stay stuck in this body!
Gaignun: ...
Junior: I should! *attacks Gaignan* >=O
Akiko: Not him
Junior: Spider and Soda killer!
Gaignun: ... *blows barely harm him*
Junior: I can't tell them apart!
Akiko: Snow white killed spider
Gaignun: I have black hair, idiot.
Akiko: Men are idiots
Junior: ...You called me a man! =D *happy dance*
Akiko: *coughs* I correct myself... little boys and men are idiots
Junior: ;_; I'm not little.
Gaignun: ...Isn't it much more convenient to say "males"?
Akiko: That girl with the pink hair is taller then you. so yes you are little
Albedo: Nigredo, don't encourage her...
Akiko: ...Durr! *smacks self* you male types may be helpful but are still boobs! (morons)
Gaignun: ...We don't have...umm, boobs.
Akiko: I know that but the word means moron
Gaignun: ...So boobs = morons?
Akiko: Yes
Junior: Hahahaha! Akiko has two morons XD
Gaignun: ... Took the words right out of my mouth.
Akiko: *kicks Jr.*
Junior: OW!!!
Albedo: *shakes head* I can't believe she didn't see that one coming...
Akiko: Use a Dictionary! The definition for the word boob is a stupid or foolish person; a dolt. In other words you guys
Junior: *is still snickering*
Gaignun: It is also a word for a part of the female anatomy Junior has yet to grope.
Akiko: *grabs Jr. by the ear* True but only little children make jokes like that! *pulls on his ear*
Junior: ack! Hey! I would like everyone to stop pointing out my lack of sexual experience NOW. And quit that! *tries to pull away*
Akiko: No! If you keep pulling away your ear is sure to rip off or hurt really badly
Gaignun: ...Pull away, Junior.
Junior: I don't know who to listen to anymore. I wish Mr. Spider were here to help me. T-T
Akiko: Mr. spirder would agree with the guy. Not me
Albedo: Forget about that stupid arachnid, will you?
Junior: *puppy eyes to Albedo* Will you help me? I know you wont... so why should I NOT have faith in a spider?
Albedo: ...how do you know I wouldn't help you?
Junior: If you would, you'd help me already! o_O This woman is nuts. And scary
Akiko: *glares and kicks him*
Junior: OWWW! SEE?
Albedo: And knowing that, you keep making comments to make her angrier, don't you?
Junior: *grinds teeth together to try and stop talking*
Gaignun: :D
Akiko: It's your own fault! *keeps holding his ear*
Junior: *sugar has given him too much pent up energy to do so*
Akiko: *drags Jr. around in a circle by the ear*
Junior: OWWW! Dammit! I HATE MY FAMILY!
Akiko: I hate you too!
Gaignun: I have to admit, I find this highly amusing.
Junior: You are the worst brothers a person could ever have!
Akiko: *walks around, circling gaignun*
Junior: *being dragged along*
Albedo: I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Nigredo on that one.
Junior: Dammit! I have to help my self then... what would distract a girl?
Akiko: This is very fun! *does the same this but around Albedo*
Junior: Um... hey look a shoe sale!
Akiko: Shoes are for the weak
Junior: ...um purse sale?
Gaignun: ...Shoe sale? Purse sale? *shakes head*
Junior: I don't know! She's a girl!
Akiko: What do you think I am? A girly girl? Um no. I'm a girl but not a girly girl
Junior: There's a difference? A girl's a girl! Um... look nailpolish!
Gaignun: You'll know when you finally get some. Oh, excuse me, IF you finally get some.
Akiko: *smacks* A girly girl likes all that stuff and make up and nailpolish but I don't
Junior: *growl* HATE. ALL. OF YOU!
Akiko: *pulls on Jr.'s ear and walks around circling people*
Gaignun: You should count your stars Citrine is not here.
Junior: Oh god! There would be two of them! I really hate females!
Akiko: *kicks him once more in the leg*
Albedo: Even I'm glad she's not here...
Junior: *through sobs*Owww!
Akiko: :P
Gaignun: *reaches over and plucks Junior by the collar from Akiko's grip* Okay, that's enough.
Junior: OMG! Thank you!
Akiko: ;_; Ahhh I was going to throw him into a wall
Junior: *shuffles as far from Akiko as possible*
Gaignun: I'm sorry, but he still owes me 250 G.
Akiko: After he pays you that then can I throw him into a wall?
Gaignun: Certainly.
Gaignun: (Just don't pay me, Sherlock.)
Akiko: Yay! *clings* .... *blinks and backs away* .... What possessed me to do that...*shivers* x.X;
Gaignun: ...I think I'm going to be sick.
Albedo: I could've gone without seeing that.
Junior: ....ewwww
Akiko: So am I...x.X Oh god...
Fan Girls: *gasps*
Junior: OMG They're here!
Gaignun: O_O
Junior: *points and screams* FANGIRLS!
FGs: We are always here! We aree watching you
Gaignun: *backs slowly away*
Junior: ...o_O That's not creepy or anything...
Albedo: Just don't make any sudden movements...
Junior: *stays still, but it's hard with all the sugar*
FGs: Not you shrimp! *points to Gaignun* Him! *hearts float above their heads*
Gaignun: ...Oh, God. *runs like hell*
Junior: (Is their sight movement based?) If so Gaignan's screwed now.
FGs: O.O GAIGNUN DEAR COME BACK! *glares* Now! *runs after him*
Gaignun: *knocks over vases to stop fan girls*
Junior: *fearfully watches chase*
fan girls: *ignores the vase and runs faster to catch up to him*
Junior: (Okay Okay) *at top of lungs* LOOK! IT'S SEPHIROTH! HE JUST LEFT THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!
Fan Girls: *laughs* We already took his clothes! *tries to tackle Gaignun*
Junior: O_o
Gaignun: *screams a manly scream*
Junior: okay wait! I can remedy this. LOOK! *points to Albedo* IT'S ALBEDO! HE'S STANDING RIGHT HERE!
Fan Girls: *makes weird fan girls sounds but then stops* ...Albedo:...*looks* Who needs the boring one! *runs after Albedo*
Junior: *backs away from Albedo*
Gaignun: Thank God--wait... *thinks* I'M NOT BORING.
Fan Girls: *tackles albedo*
Albedo: I hate you Rubedo!! *runs*
Junior: That's what you get for not helping me! (Consider it a compliment that you have more fangirls than Sephiroth)
Fan Girls: Allllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeee eeeeeeddddddoooooooo!!!!
Junior: *to Gaignan* (Shuold I save him, too? It might make him less grumpy)
Gaignun: (Good idea.)
Fan Girls: Come we are mad fan girls and want to take a piece of you home! :P
Akiko: o.O; That's disturbing
Albedo: (Who THE HELL is Sephiroth?) And you are NOT taking ANY part of me home!
Fan girls: Whos that?
Yuber: I am so unloved T_T *leaves to go kill something*
Junior: Damn. I'm out of ideas
Gaignun: ...
Fan girls: *watches him leave and then goes after albedo again* Why not!?!?!
Junior: Um... He's mysterious? And blond? And he has two swords? Damn Gaignan, think of someone else fangirls would want
Random Fan girl: SWORDS! I took Sephys sword *goes after him* Other fan girls: *watch fan girl go after yuber and follows*
Junior: =O Whoa it worked!
Yuber: OH CRAP!!!! *runs but no one cares about that since this is a XENOSAGA crack fic*
Junior: *looks toward traumatized Albedo* You okay?
Akiko: *tkaes stick and goes towards Albedo and pokes him*
Gaignun: That was quite close.
Albedo: Thank god... *glares ar Junior* No I am not okay! You sent them after me in the first place!
Junior: Oh yeah ^_^;;
Akiko: Yeah it's all Jr.'s fault! The fan girls were fine going after Nigredo!
Junior: Well, the important thing is everyone's safe
Gaignun: Yes.
Akiko: I found it very funny to watch him scream
Junior: At least everyone's not!raped. Bad enough I had to watch Gaignan get raped
Akiko: I'm not even in xenosaga. I don't have fans! booya oh yeah go me! *does happy dance*
Junior: That was mentally scarring enough
Gaignun: ...You're so empathetic, Junior.
Junior: I know =D
Albedo: ...bad mental image there, Rubedo. You really didn't have to share that.
Junior: I didn't even tell you about the part with the peanut butter! *shudders*
Akiko: Please dont
Gaignun: I'm going to go hang myself. *grabs random rope nearby*
Akiko: ^^ Okay bye bye *waves* ^^
Junior: It's over, Gaignan
Albedo: ...
Akiko: No it isn't let him go through with it
Gaignun: *stalks off to closet*
Junior: NO! Cause then the only brother I'll have is HIM. *points to said HIM* *tries to stop him*
Akiko: So? *pulls on Jr.'s hair*
Albedo: Am I not a good brother? You're so cruel, Rubedo...
Gaignun: *goes into closet, locks door*
Junior: OW! Do you have to pull every body part of mine off?! OH NO!
Akiko: *laughs * Yes I do
Junior: Albedo stop him!
Akiko:. ..no i don't
Junior: ...ew
Akiko: *slaps slef* only your ears and hair x.X; Yes I know ew thats why I corrected myself
Closet: *sounds come out*
Albedo: ...*taps on closet door* And just how am I supposed to stop him?
Junior: =O
Closet: *thumps*
Junior: Do something! For christs sake!
Akiko: I got an idea! Jr. while he is in here you can use his shower!
Junior: ...that's tempting but not as fun if Gaignan isn't there to yell at me
Closet: *eerie silence*
Akiko: Think about it no gaignun there to yell at you so you can enjoy it
Junior: o_O
Akiko: *kicks door*
Albedo: Er... I think we're too late, anyway
Junior: no....
Junior: O_O NOOO
Akiko: *coughs*
Junior: *starts crying*
Akiko: *does happy dance*
Albedo: Nigredo? *knock on door* Hello?
Closet: *swearing suddenly comes from within*
Junior: *stops crying* =O
Akiko: O.o damnit! *kicks the door* ow >.>
Junior: OMG! He's alive!
Closet: *muffled* What do you want?
Akiko: OMG NO DIE~
Junior: ....?
Akiko: X.x
Albedo: Quit being so rash and get back out here.
Akiko: No don't listen to them stay in there...until you run out of air
Junior: You're a bad big sister...
Akiko: Why thank you very much! :P
Closet: *muffled* No. As soon as I fix this stupid hook, I'm going to go through with it.
Junior: NO
Akiko: ....>.>
Junior: .....
Akiko: I did NOT just say that...
Junior: OMG You DID
Closet: ...
Akiko: No I didn;t!
Junior: *pulls out convenient tape recorder*
Albedo: Dammit, shut up you creepy standard type! And Nigredo, get back out here! No one wants to see you die.
Akiko: *gasps and then dumps black paint on his hair*
Junior: =OOOO
Akiko: *crosses arms*
Junior: OMG!
Akiko: there now you have your nigredo back
Junior: *is in shock*
Closet: *muffled sniffle* See? You don't need me. *movement is being heard*
Akiko: *pokes Jr.*
Junior: You know he's going to kill you now, right Akiko?
Akiko: Yes...*stands behind you* But your my bodyguard! *pulls hair*
Junior: (Come out Gaignan! We don't want you dead!)
Albedo: *turns to Akiko* I really hate you standards...
Akiko: :P I hate you too!
Gaignun's Brain: (Hello, my telepathic connection is unavaliable at the moment. Please leave your name and source, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.)
Junior: ...I did NOT know we had that....... no beep?
Albedo: You're dead as soon as this situation is over... But for now... Nigredo!! Stop pouting and get out here before I come in there and drag you out!
Gaignun's Brain: (*soothing elevator music is heard*)
Akiko: You gotta hit puberty to get the neat stuff :P
Junior: T_T Please come out Nigredo! ....I mean Gaignan. Damn, he's getting to me
Akiko: See he doesn't care about you! He forgot your other name...so don't come out Nigredo!
Junior: ;_;
Akiko: ...All right I have an idea...to get him out...
Closet: *muffled* I'm coming out over my dead body!
Akiko: ...why I'm helping now...I dunno...mood change I guess..
Junior: ...Standards...
Akiko: ...But you all may need to run...well Rubedo won't but Albedo will...
Junior: ?
Albedo: Why would I need to run?
Akiko: Fangirls
Junior: O_o
Akiko: Maybe they can break the door down?
Junior: Isn't that the reason he's killing himself?
Albedo: Not them again...
Akiko: Maybe but it'll bring him out
Junior: Yeah, leave them alone or they'll start getting to us... er you guys. Oh wait... I DO have pedo fangirls.... *shudder*
Closet: *glass hitting wood sounds come from within, as well as swear words*
Junior: What the hell?
Albedo: What is he DOING in there?
Junior: He can't even kill himself correctly... Look come out already, this is embaressing. ...You know. I don't WANT to know what he's doing...
Akiko: ...Omg! >.> *kicks the door* Need help or something?
Closet: *glass rolling on wood floor sounds come from within* NO. No. I'm good.
Junior: *rubs temples*
Akiko: All right. I say we throw a party and turn his shower into a party room or something neat!
Albedo: Nigredo, stop fooling around and come out. This is getting ridiculous.
Closet: *a sharp pop sound is heard from within*
Akiko: Leave him in there. If he hears us not bothering him maybe he'll come out?
Junior: I have to agree with Albedo for once. Get out already.
Akiko: *growls*
Closet: *eerie silence v2.0*
Akiko: Is he dead yet?
Junior: *starts whimpering* I don't want him to die...
Albedo: *elbows Akiko* Shut up, you. The point is to get him out of there alive.
Junior: *knocks on door, hopeful for an answer* Gaignan?
Closet: ...
Junior: =O
Akiko: x.X *smacks him* But I don't want him alive...waaaait...if he dies like that then I can't kill him...I wanna do the killing...;_;
Junior: *starts crying*
Albedo: Nigredo? You still... in there? Come on already, you're making Rubedo cry.
Akiko: *knocks of door* Heeeeeeeeeeeey come on out now please?
Closet: ...
Akiko: *pokes Jr.* Wow! He really is crying!
Junior: *still crying*
Akiko: >.> Jeez I may not like him but....the crying...damnit Nigredo! You made the poor kid cry! ...Maybe he went through with it and did die...*runs into the door* ow >.>
Closet: *titters from Akiko's impact*
Akiko: Ow...I got a headache now...Alby: throw a leg at it or something
Albedo: ...I think the point is to open the door, not smack into it. And Nigredo, I swear if you're just screwing around in there, I'll kill you myself! *kicks the door*
Junior: *tearfully looks into closet afraid*
Akiko: No you won't! I'll do the killing for you! *looks at the door*
Closet Door: *creaks open*
Akiko: I KNOW! *throws Jr. at the door*
Closet Door: *bangs shut again*
Akiko: ...did that door...wait! He is alive...unless it's haunted but there has to be a reason it closed...
Albedo: You stupid standard, it was open before you threw Rubedo at it!!
Akiko: >.> *kicks Albedo*
Junior: OMG! Don't start fighting let's just get the damn door open!
Albedo: Oww!! Alright, enough of this! *grabs Akiko and tosses her at the door*
Closet: *titters again, before door creaks open*
Akiko: Fine...Um...OWIE!!! My headache grew! >.> *on the ground holding head* owie...Your gonna get it later!
Albedo: *blinks* Hey, look at that, the standard types are good for something after all.
Junior: *gasps and looks inside*
Akiko: You know what! *closes door*
Junior: =OOOOO
Albedo: ...you didn't just do that.
Akiko: Yes I did! Its because you threw me at the door! *crawls away* I'll sit over here until my headahce leaves
Junior: *bashes head on the floor repetitively*
Akiko: *goes into a fit of laughter*
Albedo: *sighs*
Akiko: Your gonna get a headache like me you know...
Akiko: Maybe he just fell asleep?
Albedo: Alright, after this, I'm giving up. *takes a few steps back, then runs at the door*
Akiko: That could be why he won't answer! *looks at albedo and rolls around laughing*
Closet Door: *groans before creaking open*
Akiko: o.O;
Junior: OMG! *puts foot in door before it closes again*
Akiko: *gets up and goes to look in the closit* ...Nigredo!?!?
Gaignun: *is half buried under a pile of garments and glass everclear bottles, obviously passed out from drinking said everclear bottles*
Junior: *opens closet all the way and looks in* -_-;; Idiot.
Gaignun: Zzzzz...
Akiko: I TOLD YOU! *slaps Jr.* I said he could be sleeping >.>*kicks Gaignun*
Junior: But he's alive... *doesn't care about the slap*
Gaignun: Z...zzzz.... *unaffected by kick*
Akiko: >.> Maybe the everclear will kill him...
Junior: *evil grin as he looks at Albedo* You know, now you can kill her for dying your hair
Akiko: ...No! *kicks Jr. and runs*
Junior: Fuck! She runs fast!
Albedo: Oh, right, thanks for the reminder, Rubedo. *grins and chases after her* You can't run forever, standard!
Fangirls: That guy wasn't nice at all! x.X *looks around and makes their way towards the closit and sees gaignun passed out* O.O
Junior: *blocks the fangirls' way* Don't go near him! He almost died leave him alone!
Fangirls: *kicks, bites and pulls Jr.'s hair to move him* *throws Jr. out of the way and goes into closit and locks them in it with Gaignun* ... *evil crackle*
Yuber: suddenly walks back in because he's an idiot*
Junior: OMG NO!
Gaignun: ... *comes to* ?
Fangirls: Thats what you get sucker! *sees Gaignun* GAIGNUN YOUR AWAKE! *glomps*
Junior: *bangs on the door* He almost died leave him alone!
Junior: *tries to think* HE'S MARRIED! Leave him alone! He's married!
Fangirls: Really? Who cares! *tries to rip his clothes off*
Gaignun: *is crying and screaming at the same time*
Albedo: *pulls one of the infamous Xenosaga poof things and pops up beside Junior* Dear god, what's happening now?
Yuber: *has no idea what's going on but is glad the fangirls are in there instead of with him*
Random fangirl: I wanna sell it on ebay!
Junior: Fangirls arrived and are raping him. I tried to stop them! I tried!
Fangirls: *attacks gaignun*
Yuber: *is in the room too*
Gaignun: *sounds as though he's dying*
Akiko: *comes back* Wow! You wanted him alive and now he is being killed in there. You a bad big brother!
Yuber: OMG! Someone sounds like they're dying in there! And I'm not oing the killing?! >=O *bashes door in*
Closet Door: *decimated*
Fangirls: *squeels* ... *stops and glares at yuber* GET OUT! *tries dragging Gaignun out and to a new room*
Yuber: *witnesses unspeakable things being done to Gaignan*
Gaignun: *tries in vain to fight back*
Junior: Now's our chance!
Fangirls: Awww who cares *doesnt need the room and glomps gaignun and attacks him again*
Junior: *grabs one of the many fangirls and tries to drag her off*
Random fangirl: I GOT HIS SHIRT! *goes to sell on e-bay*
Junior: ....
Yuber: ....
Gaignun: *shirtless*
Fangirls: *keep coming back and does the stuff his fangirls like to do to him*
Yuber: Okay enough of this. *two huge swords pull out of his sleeves and he starts stabbing fangirls*
Akiko: ...Are we just going to watch...? *closes eyes*
Gaignun: *is thoroughly fan girl raped*
Random fangirl: *comes back* Oh wow! *steals his remaining clothes and runs off*
Yuber: *is too busy stabbing that first already dead fangirl over and over*
Gaignun: *is nekkid*
Random Fangirl: I'm going to be rich!
Junior: OMG mY EYES
Albedo: *covers eyes* I seriously could've gone without seeing that!
Gaignun: *has either passed out or died*
Akiko: *opens eys* OH DEAR GOD! *runs behind albedo* >.> omg my eyes! they burn!
Junior: *is crying for a totally different reason*
Fangirls: ...*looks at gainun then is tempted to start to cut his hair off to try to clone him or something*
Yuber: *still stabbing that one girl* XD
Fangirls: ...we could send it to locks of love! *looks at Yuber* Dude...I think she is dead.. >:o OMG YOU KILLED ONE OF US!
Yuber: *stabs the girl who spoke* Now you're dead
Fangirls: *attacks Yuber*
Yuber: *stabs HER repetitively* HOLY...
Akiko: >.> Dear god...
Gaignun: ...
Yuber: *does his super slashy spinning in a circle thing,all fangirls are dead*
Fangirl: ...crap...only one me left...
Yuber: *evil grin*
Random fangirl: I'M ALIVE AND RICH!
Yuber: That can easily be changed
*somewhere else* Mary and Shelley: OMG OMG OMG!!! WE GOT GAIGNUN'S CLOTHES!
Yuber: *thinks this is too crazy even for him. Rolls around in blood and leaves whistling a happy tune*
Random fangirl: ...*looks at gaignun and pokes him* can I sell him on ebay?
Gaignun: *nekkied and passed out/dead on floor* ...
Junior: *is mentally scarred*
Rangom fangirl: >.> <.< *drags gaignun off*
Junior: OMG! *tries to stop her without looking at the nekkid*
Random fangirl: No! My gaignun! *hisses as she keeps dragging him off* those two sisters will be happy! I'll be uber rich! *evil laugh*
Junior: *covering eyes with one hand and slaping her with the other* let him go!
Random: Never! *bites his hand*
Drapery: *convinently flies from place in closet and onto his special place to protect Junior's brain*
Junior: OW
Random: o.O *tries to sell gaignun on ebay*
Junior: *frees eyes and tackles fangirl* NO MORE RAPE
Random: EEP! *gets tackled* I don't rape! >.> I sell things to get money! Like gaignun's clothes and now him. I just want money! ;_;
Akiko: Jeez what money can do to a person. *eats popcorn*
Junior: But what do you think'll happen to him when he's bought? That's right! Now stop this cruelty!
Random: Um...fan girls will attack him? But those two seemed really nice...
Junior: ...Those two actually WORK for him. It's creepy that they'd... *tries not to think about it*
Random: ...Oh... they bought his clothes
Gaignun: *begins to twitch*
Random: *pokes*
Gaignun: *twitch*
Random: *laughs*
Junior: *starts dragging Gaignan away* Make money some other way. Wash cars or something
Random: But I don't wanna! ;_; *graps his arm and drags him back*
Junior: *grabs the other arm and pulls towards him*
Gaignun: *comes to*
Random: Give him back! *pulls him toward her* I found him first!
Junior: Let him go! He's no sex slave! *pulls towards him*
Random: O.o;;; Your sick! *pulls him towards her*
Albedo: Wow, it's tug-of-war over Nigredo...
Junior: Just leave him alone! He's MY brother! *pulls towards him*
Akiko: ...Yeah really...it's funny!
Gaignun: *realizes predicament* O_O *jumps to his feet with suppa URTV businessman strength and runs into his bathroom, locking the door behind him*
Junior: ...
Random: Well hes...*blinks* ....Oh well ;_; *sulks off*
Bathroom: ...
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