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Richard: You suck.
Junior: YOU suck!
Junior: Shut the hell up
Richard: ...You suck.
Junior: ...Didn't you just say that?
Richard: I can say it agian. You suck.
Junior: .....
Junior: I'm raiding Gaignan's liquor cabinet
Richard: I want to come!
Junior: ...You have to stay QUIET
Richard: :D Can do.
Junior: ....
Junior: Alright let's go
Gaignun: *snoozing in his bed*
Junior: *puts finger to mouth in a shhhh gesture*
Richard: *follows quietly*
Junior: *walks around pool table slouched in case they have to duck behind it. Slowly make they're way to the cabinet, Junior opens cabinet and starts handing battles to Richard*
Richard: *accidently drops a bottle*
Junior: =O
Gaignun: *stirs in his sleep*
Junior: ....
Gaignun: *mumbles in his sleep*
Junior: ......
Junior: *whispers* I think we're okay
Richard: *relieved*
Junior: *whispers* Be careful will you! *hands him more bottles*
Richard: *takes bottles*
Richard: *tries to stuff into shirt*
Richard: *accidently drops another bottle*
Junior: ....
Gaignun: *mumbles more in his sleep*
Junior: Damn he's a deep sleeper
Junior: *whispering* No more bottles for you! *grabs arms full and makes his way around the pool table again, peeking toward Gaignan*
Gaignun: *mumbling* Mommy... *sucks his thumb*
Junior: *arms are full so he can't put his hand to his mouth but tries to not laugh*
Richard: *covers Junior's mouth*
Gaignun: *starts to softly cry in his sleep*
Junior: *whispers* He's sucking his thumb! I wish I had a camera*
Junior: ....
Junior: *okay now I don't....
Junior: Let's get out of here....
Gaignun: I hate you...Mr. Platterpus...
Richard: O_o
Junior: ...?
Junior: *shrugs in I have no idea*
Richard: *whispers* You have a weird brother.
Junior: *whispers* Tell me about it... And he
's the NORMAL brother/
Richard: *whispers* Hey, look. Money~ *points to Gaignun's desk at a stack of bills*
Junior: =O
Junior: *nudges* Grab it! My arms are full
Richard: *reaches over to take bills when a high-pitched siren sounds*
Richard: *panicks*
Junior: Shit!
Junior: RUN!
Junior: *runs out of room with bottles*
Gaignun: ... *is still asleep*
Junior: My room! Come on!
Junior: *believes Gaignan is in persute*
Richard: *follows*
Junior: *runs into his room, still messy, and closes the door behind Richard* Whew...
Junior: *locks door*
Junior: We got the booze! =D
Richard: OMG YAY!
Junior: =D *opens them all*
Junior: *drinks from one*
Richard: *drinks from another*
Siren: *stops*
Gaignun: *wakes up*
Junior: *stops and listens for signs of life*
Gaignun: *looks around* ...
Gaignun: *reaches for his watch*
Gaignun: *checks time*
Gaignun: *puts back watch and goes back to sleep*
Junior: ....I think we're still okay
Junior: We'd... well... I'D hear a loud booming voice yelling for my blood...
Richard: Oh, you've done this before?
Junior: *drinks some more* Oh yeah... Several times... Though I've never BROKEN a bottle while doing it
Junior: scratch that... TWO bottles
Richard: I tried. :( But one of them slip through my shirt.
Richard: I can't help but wear silk shirts.
Junior: .... He's going to have a fit when he sees those bottles...
Junior: ...Maybe he'll step on one.
Junior: XD
Junior: *takes a swig* Umm... What are you doing here anyway?
Richard: *drinks* Spying for Margy-poo~
Junior: "Margy-poo?"
Junior: What are you spying?
Richard: Meh, can't remember. I just wanted to get out of Pleroma, anyway.
Junior: I can relate... I've snuck out of places before... mmm vodka...
Richard: Margy-poo is such a stick in the mud.
Junior: You don't know sticks in the mud til you know Gaignan. The guy never smiles, NEVER.
Junior: Can't take a joke either.
Richard: You should play pranks on him. Daily.
Richard: Even Margy-poo can't resist a good prank.
Junior: I've tried, but... they always backfire one me. It's like I'm just some pawn used for the amusement of two fangirls who have nothing else better to do than RP, and who love to see me lose all I try to do and make me suffer at every turn...
Junior: Or maybe I'm just unlucky
Richard: That sucks. *takes a swig*
Junior: Yeah... *drinks* Wooo This is good!
Junior: And they say we're too small to drink
Richard: To hell with them. They'll burn. *snickers*
Junior: Burn?
Richard: You know? When something's on fire.
Junior: *giggles* Fiiiiire
Junior: *another swig*
Richard: *snickers* Let's set something on fire!
Junior: Yes! But what? *looks around*
Richard: Pants!
Richard: Pants on fire!
Junior: ....YES! Let's burn pants! Burn them all!
Junior: *runs to closet and pulls out a pile of pants*
Richard: *examines pants* Why are most of these lime green? *raises drunken eyebrow*
Junior: Shut up, man! It was a phase!
Junior: *almost done with bottle*
Richard: You should try pink pants. They bring a whole new meaning to "flame on".
Junior: *too drunk to get it* okay I will! But first we buuuuurn
Richard: ...We need gasoline. :(
Junior: Um... *looks around* I have batteries... They could run the fire!
Richard: HOT!
Junior: *throws batteries on the pile of pants and waits for something to happen*
Junior: ....
Junior: ....
Richard: ...This is not working.
Junior: hmmm... You're right! We need something else...
Junior: *looks arouns again and digs through trashy room*
Richard: Oh!
Richard: Alcohol is flammable!
Junior: =O You're right!
Junior: *pours a full bottle of scotch all over the pants*
Richard: *dumps rum over pants*
Junior: Okay! Now we need a match...
Richard: *checks pockets, finds none* :( I usually bring some with me...
Junior: =( hmm...
Junior: Wait I have an idea!
Junior: *runs out of room and returns in a few minutes*
Junior: there got one!
Richard: *jacks off to porn while Junior was gone*
Richard: Yay!
Richard: Light it!
Junior: *scrapes it against the side and nothing happens*
Junior: *tries again and again*
Richard: ...
Junior: ...
Richard: ...You suck.
Junior: ...No YOU suck
Richard: NO, YOU SUCK.
Junior: NO YOU DO! *punch*
Richard: ARG. *punches back*
Junior: *pulls hair* GRRRR
Richard: *scratches face*
Junior: You little! *kicks shin*
Richard: You're smaller than me! *punches arm*
Junior: NO I'M NOT!
Gaignun: *brother senses tingle*
Richard: YES, YOU ARE! *throws pants in Junior's face*
Gaignun: *wakes up*
Gaignun: *pauses before dashing off to Junior's room*
Junior: ARGH! Get that out of my face!
Junior: I'm not that small!
Richard: Yes, you are very small. You got nothing on this shit. *points to head*
Gaignun: *pauses right by door*
Gaignun: ?
Junior: QUIT SAYING I'M SMALL! We'll see what you say after I'm through with you! *tackles against wall*
Richard: OW! YOU BASTARD. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE FOLICLE! *pushes Junior into pile of pants* HA! I JUST PANTSED YOU.
Gaignun: O_o
Junior: Don't ruin the pants! Jeez! You wouldn't like it if I did that to YOUR pants
Richard: ...Don't threaten my pants. They are my manhood.
Gaignun: O_O
Junior: Hahahahaha! After we're done I'll sneak into your room and burn your "manhood" away, until you have nothing left! >=D
Junior: Then you'll cry and I'll laugh
Richard: You're mean! And I'm underage. *starts to cry*
Gaignun: ...
Junior: Pfft! That's no excuse! You're not using that against me... And quit crying! I haven't even done anything yet
Richard: Stop trying to take away my pants! ;_;
Junior: Alright fine... No pants bashing...
Richard: *sniffs*
Gaignun: ... *backs away slowly*
Junior: *hands him a tissue conveniently lying around* Better now?
Richard: I feel hot. I also feel bothered. *takes tissue*
Junior: We'll fix that with our night of inferno XD
Gaignun: O_O
Gaignun: *thinking* I didn't know Junior was gay...
Junior: *points to box of matches* Here give that to me. I'll try to do it right this time
Richard: *sniffs* Okay. *hands him matches* Be more thorough this time. Strike harder.
Junior: Alright.. I've just never done this before. I'm used to the automatic ones... Serves me right for taking it from Jin's room.
Gaignun: O_o
Junior: *strikes it hard, match lights* Whoa! *burns finger* OWWW! That hurt!
Richard: Watch your fingers!
Junior: Owowowowow.... *transfers it to a longer match* Okay... Whew... Damn, that scared me. But it looks like I've got it now.
Richard: HOT.
Gaignun: ...
Junior: Okay so here we go! 1...
Junior: 2...
Junior: 3!
Junior: *throws match onto the pile and it blazes* Whooo hoo!
Richard: OMG You did!
*You did it.
Junior: It worked! It really worked! Yaaay!
Junior: *jumps up and down*
Richard: *follows suit*
Gaignun: *thinks it's the bed shaking* O_O
Junior: Wow! This is so much cooler than I ever imagined!
Junior: We should do this more often!
Richard: Yeah. Next time, I'll bring Margy-poo's sword. To poke it with.
Junior: lol That'll be fun! *grabs two more bottles* Want some more?
Richard: GOD, YES!
Junior: *gives him the rum bottle* hahaha this is great. What was your name again?
Richard: My name is-- *accidently gets too close to fire* AAaAAaAah~ *pauses, shakes leg* Ri--Richard! Ow.
Junior: OH JEEZ! Are you okay?! Don't get too carried away, okay?
Junior: Your leg alright?
Richard: Ow. It's okay--ow--I think. *checks closer* That's gonna leave a mark.
Gaignun: ...
Junior: Ooooohhh Yeeaaahhh... Richard. That was it.
Junior: *looks at the spot* There might be something in Gaignan's room we can use for that.
Richard: I don't know. They tend to be rather slimy and slippery.
Junior: Well you're just gonna hae to suck it up then, huh?
Junior: Can't be such a baby.
Richard: *starts to sniffle again*
Junior: Nono! No crying. No more crying, agreed? From this point on... You are a man.
Richard: ...BUT I DUN WANNA BE A MAN! *wails*
Junior: Sigh... Alright alright. You don't have to be a man. I shouldn't be so hasty... After all, I'm older than I look. I guess I just forget how it was for me when I was younger...
Junior: I empahtize... You can cry if you want.... I guess
Junior: It just makes me feel bad for doing this
Richard: *stops wailing enough to sniffle* I'm just s-scared. I've never been--hurt like this before.
Junior: Don't worry. It only hurts for a little bit. Then it gets all better.
Richard: But what if it doesn't? What it becomes infected? *starts to cry again*
Junior: *loud sigh* I won't get infected. I promise. Here let me take a look at it.
Richard: *through tears and sobs* O-okay. *pulls up pant leg*
Junior: *pokes around the area*
Richard: OWIEOWIEOWIEOWIEOWIE! *starts up crying again*
Gaignun: ...
Junior: *gets a small first aid kit* Let's see here... Ah! There we go. *holds up a burn lotion and hands it to him* Put this on it and it'll make everything feel fbetter. I should have thought of it first. I'm sorry.
Richard: *sniffs* It's okay. You're a great person. I wish Margy-poo was more like you.
Junior: Bah. He's a jerk. He probably doesn't care about any of his subordinates.
Junior: You could move here to the Foundation! Then we can party all the time XD
Richard: *brightens* Yay!
Junior: I'm sure Gaignan wouldn't mind. I'll ask him tomorrow =D
Richard: *jumps at the voice*
Junior: What the hell?!
Junior: Gaignan, is that you?
Junior: *realizes the fire's still going*
Junior: *whispers* Crap! We gotta put this away!
Richard: *whispers* Uh, stuff it back into your closet!
Gaignun: Open this door. NOW.
Junior: Um just a minute!
Junior: *whispers* Dammit... *finds some randfom water bottles* Here help me with this, will ya?
Richard: *pulls down his pants and pisses the fire out*
Junior: Dude! Don't do that here! How am I supposed to clean that up!
Richard: Hey, at least it got it out!
Junior: Ugh... Coming!
Junior: *shoves the charred remains of the clothes into the closet*
Junior: *whispering* Put your damn pants back on!
Richard: *tries to pull up his pants, but they rip*
Gaignun: OPEN. NOW.
Junior: Oh no... um... here, sit on the bed and use the blanket to cover the rip
Richard: *obeys*
Junior: *tries to put on his innocent, "I wasn't burning things" look*
Junior: *opens the door* Hey Gaignan! What's up?!
Gaignun: *stalks in, notices mess, notices Richard on Junior's bed all sweaty and covered with a blanket* I KNEW IT.
Junior: *thinks he's figured out* Kn-Knew what?
Richard: O_O
Junior: *blinks* ....WHAT?!
Junior: What the hell are you talking about?!
Gaignun: *grabs Junior's arm and drags him out into the hallway* Why are you doing this!? You KNOW THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW, RIGHT?
Junior: *squirms in his grip* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! If you've been hearing those rumors abotu me and MOMO again, you can forget it!
Junior: I'm not having sex with her! That's sick!
Gaignun: *blinks* HER, TOO!? *is disgusted* YOU'RE SICK. A SICK, SICK MAN.
Junior: What do you mean "her, too?!" I'm not having sex with anyone! You're twisting my arm!
Junior: Who told you I'm having sex with people?!
Gaignun: I heard you having sex just this minute!
Junior: *face contorts into disgust* WHAT?! We weren't having... THAT! What the hell?!
Gaignun: Then what were all those noises coming from your room!?
Junior: *scratches head
Gaignun: The groaning, the panting, the moaning, the screaming!?
Gaignun And let's not forget about the innuendo. MY GOD.
Junior: ...heh... heheh... HahahhahHahhaahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH! *falls to the floor*
Gaignun: ...
Junior: *whipes tears* That's a good one, Gaignan. You had me there for a sec
Junior: *doesn't want to tell him what really was happening* So anyways, uh, gotta go! *turns to leave*
Gaignun: *grabs his arm* OH, NO. I'm sending you to a juvenile center. You need help.
Junior: *In one breath* NONONO! Don't send me there! I swear! We weren't doing anything like that! We went into your room and took some liquor and then we wanted to make a fire, but we couldn't so we had to get some matches and some batteries and some pants and Richard burned himself and you came int and you're gonna send me to jail and I don't want people to put bleach in my shampoo!
Gaignun: ...
Junior: *pants*
Gaignun: *starts to drag him away toward his office*
Junior: *kicks* Nonononono! What are you gonna do?! He's gonna kill me!
Gaignun: You can't lie, Junior. You're a sex addict. I needs to stop. *muttering to himself* I never should have given you access to porn. What kind of responsible family member am I?
*It needs
Junior: *dumbfounded* I'm not lying! AND I'M NOT A SEX ADDICT!
Junior: Really! Check your liquor cabanet!
Richard: *pokes head out of room* Junior, I need new pants!
Gaignun: *stiffens*
Junior: ......RICHARD! You're supposed to be helping!
Junior: Come here and straighten this whole thing out!
Richard: But I can't go there. I'm naked!
Junior: .....
Gaignun: ...
Junior: No you're not! No he's not, Gaignan!
Junior: Please, just put on some of my pants and come over here!
Richard: Okay. *goes in*
Gaignun: *raises eyebrow*
Junior: I swear to god it's not what it looks like! You know you can trust me, right? *looks Gaignan in the eye*
Gaignun: ...I don't know what to believe anymore.
Junior: O_O You don't believe me!
Junior: Richard hurry up! Please! Tell Gaignan what really happened.... *thinks* why is he taking so long*
Richard: *comes out in one of MOMO's skirts* Hey, all of your pants were covered in my piss, but I found this in one of your drawers. *twirls*
Junior: ...................................
Gaignun: .............
Junior: ........Good enough! Just tell Gaignan what happened!
Richard: Oh, with the burning?
Junior: YES
Richard: Well, we kind of went too far with the hot stuff, and I got hurt. Junior poked me and made me feel better.
Junior: ............O_O
Gaignun: ....
Junior: NO! It's not how it sounds! No sex occured!
Gaignun: *resumes dragging Junior toward his office*
Junior: I swear! No sex occured! No sex occured! None! Nada! Zip! Zero! Exnay on the Sexay! DON'T LOCK ME AWAY!
Richard: ? What's sex?
Gaignun: You just had it.
Richard: :O
Junior: NO HE DIDN'T!
Junior: !!!! O_O
Gaignun: You sick...
Richard: Yes, yes, you did! You poked me!
Junior: *cries*
Gaignun: *drags Junior into his office, picks up UMN phone* Hello? Atalya Juvenile Mental Health Center?
Gaignun: *talks on phone*
Junior: *squirms* You can't do this to me....
Richard: I'm not a virgin anymore. ;_;
Junior: Yes you are! We never had sex!
Gaignun: *arranges to have Junior taken away*
Junior: *tries to explain what sex is*
Junior: I DID NOT!
Richard: *starts to cry* Mommy wanted Richard to be pure! ;_;
Junior: Stop this please... Richard *sobs*
Junior: I give up...
Gaignun: *finishes talking* Oh, yes, thank you. I will have him on a shuttle immediately.
Junior: Oh no you won't
Gaignun: *telekinetic takes his guns away*
Junior: >_>
Gaignun: *grabs duct tape and ties junior up*
Richard: I'll never be pure again! *wails*
Gaignun: I would not be talking you sick pedo.
Junior: I. AM . NOT. A PEDO!
Gaignun: *duct tapes his mouth*
Junior: T-T
Junior: (Don
't think I'll leave you in peace!)
Junior: (I hate you Gaignan! You're really gonna send me away! Your own brother!)
Gaignun: (...You slept with a kid!)
Gaignun: (Stop lying.)
Junior: (I'm not! You should know when I'm lying and when I'm not!)
Gaignun: *shakes his head* (How can you take advantage of an underage kid?)
Junior: (*sobs* I didn't! I swear... That's it! Check him! Send him to a doctor and they'll check to see if he was.... dealt with in that way)
Junior: (That'll prove I'm innocent!)
Gaignun: (I'm sorry, Junior, but children often tell the truth in these matters.) *drags him out into the hall, down toward the transporter*
Richard: *is still crying in Gaignun's office*
Junior: T-T (I... HATE... YOU...!)
Gaignun: (I would think about what you've done and how you are going to change this in the future.)
Junior: (Have I mentioned I hate you? Cause I do. I really really do! And I swear upon our cat's grave, that I did not do it!)
Gaignun: ... (Don't mention Gaignun.)
Gaignun: :(
Junior: (You still don't believe me! Even after I swore on his grave!)
Gaignun: (Junior. You. Slept. With. A. Kid. How many times must I reiterate before you understand what you just did?)
Junior: (And how many times do I have to tell YOU before you believe me! I slept with no one.... I'm a virgin)
Gaignun: (...Right, then what about all that noise, the innuendo, Richard's pointing you out as the culprit, the smell of piss and booze?) *drags him into transporter*
Junior: (We were drunk on YOUR booze. For fun. Then we wanted to burn something. And since I have all those ugly pants, I thought I'd burn them. Richard burned his leg and I poked it to see how bad it was... That's all I poked. The innuendo was all in your mind.)
Gaignun: (...And the piss?)
Junior: (We were trying to put out the fire before you came in and saw it. I went for bottled water but he decided to pee on it... And he ripped his pants at some point...)
Gaignun: ...
Junior: (The charred remains of the pants are in the closet if you want to check... But they probably smell awful)
Gaignun: ...So you tried to commit arson? *decides to send Junior away anyway*
Junior: (It was just a little bon fire!) T-T
Junior: (You know, if I'm the child, you're the one at fault!)
Gaignun: (That only concerns property damage. You need mental help.)
Junior: (But... There was property damage! Due to you not checking up on me and sleeping while the "children" we playing with matches.)
Junior: (You'll be put away too!)
Gaignun: (Why would I be put away for the destruction of my own property?)
Junior: .........
Junior: (I still hate you)
Gaignun: (...Child molester.)
Junior: (ARGH! I give up! I'm not a child molestor! You'll realize that soon enough! Richard's just an idiot!)
Gaignun: (And impure. Thanks to you.)
Junior: (ARGH! I'm not a molester... AND I'M NOT GAY!))
Gaignun: (Right.)
Junior: *growl*
Whitesuitedman: This the kid?>
Gaignun: That's him.
Gaignun: *hands him over*
Whitesuitedman: We'll take good care of him for you, Mr. Kukai.
Gaignun: Thank you.
Junior: (You will PAY for this)
Whitesuitedman: *leads him out, and everything is quiet*
Gaignun: *goes back to office, calls U-TIC, has Margy-poo come pick up Richard*
And everyone lived happily ever after
Except Junior
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